Carmelita Avenue, Paloma Avenue, and Capuchino Avenue Neighborhood Bicycle Boulevard

The City of Burlingame strives to continuously improve the health and quality of life of Burlingame residents through transportation infrastructure, programs, and policy improvements.  In 2020, City Council approved and adopted the Updated Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, aimed to enhance the safety, comfort, and attractiveness of walking and bicycling for people of all ages. Click here to view a copy of the adopted 2020 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

Carmelita Avenue, Paloma Avenue, Capuchino Avenue, Mills Avenue, and Grove Avenue are identified in the 2020 Updated Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan as a high priority location recommended for a bicycle boulevard neighborhood network. This east-west bicycle route is recognized by the community as an essential network addressing connectivity, safety and comfort. The proposed Carmelita Avenue, Paloma Avenue, and Capuchino Avenue Neighborhood Bicycle Boulevard will be a "quick-build" project to allow for future evaluation and modifications to the improvements.

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Bicycle boulevards are streets enhanced with traffic calming features to create low-speed, low-stress roadways optimized for bicycle traffic. Streets are designed to be enjoyed by all modes of transportation and improve quality of life for all residents. Bicycle Boulevards use signs, pavement markings, and measures to calm vehicle speed and volume, creating safe, convenient pedestrian and bicycle crossings.

Below are some reasons to support a bicycle boulevard in our community:

1. Reduce Speeding

A Bike Boulevard network can reduce vehicle speeds to less than 25 mph, or in some cases, down to 20 mph. Implemented in other local cities, Bike Boulevards have successfully slowed vehicular traffic in residential areas making it a comfortable environment for all.

2. Reduce Volumes

Studies have shown that bicyclists ride more comfortably on roads with less motor vehicles and with vehicles driving at slower speeds. A goal of the Bike Boulevard network is to lower volume related to vehicular cut-through traffic.

3. Improve Safety for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Bike Boulevards are an important step toward safety for all modes of transportation for all residents. We benefit from a healthier environment through calmer traffic and safer crossings by reducing speeds, sharing the road, and prioritizing alternative forms of transportation.


Elements like speed cushions, curb extensions, high-visibility crosswalks, and pavement markings are employed to help slow vehicle traffic and ensure safe routes for bicyclists and pedestrians.


The Bike Boulevard is a program name, not intended to exclude anyone or any form of transportation. Instead, the program would improve traffic flow of all modes including pedestrians and cars.


Please complete the community online survey to help us determined how a bike boulevard network can help improve comfort and quality of life for you.