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 Thank you for visiting the Burlingame Public Works Department.  Although City Hall is closed to the public in compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols, City staff is still working.  Responses and applications are being processed with only minor delays compared to normal operations.

 If you have any Public Works-related questions, the fastest way to receive a response is to email dpw@burlingame.org. You can also call and leave a voicemail at (650) 558-7230.   Please allow 24 hours to receive an email response and up to two days to receive a telephone call response.

Construction projects in the City of Burlingame may only proceed if they are following the Construction Safety Protocols as listed by the San Mateo County Health Department (Appendix AB-1 & B-2).  Construction projects must comply with the following:

  • Encroachment and Stormwater Construction Pollution Prevention permit holders must review safety protocols with all workers and visitors to the jobsite.

  • Practice social distancing measures: minimum 6 ft distance between workers at all times.

  • Prohibit gatherings of any size on the jobsite, including breaks for eating.

  • Provide water in single serve containers. Sharing of food and beverages is prohibited.

  • Provide personal protective equipment, specifically face coverings.

  • Stagger trades as necessary to reduce density.

  • Provide hand washing stations or hand sanitizers at the entrance to the jobsite.

  • Post a Safety Protocol notice in a visible location on the jobsite.

If these measures and protocols are not in place at all times, the construction project will be served with a Stop Work Notice and the jobsite will be shut down.

Permits (Encroachment Permit, Stormwater Construction Pollution Prevention Permit): Please fill out and submit permits by emailing us at: dpw@burlingame.org . Please include the project address, associated building permit number (if applicable), and contact information. Staff will review the inquiries and contact applicants accordingly for processing the permit and fees.

Inspections: Public works inspections may be requested by sending an email to: dpw@burlingame.org . Please include the project address, permit number, contact information as well as the requested inspection date/time. Staff will reach out to you by email or phone to confirm the inspection has been scheduled.

Inspectors will ensure that jobsite safety procedures are in place. Social distancing measures will be implemented at all times. Video apps and photos are allowed in certain situations.

Though the Public Works Department will do its best to process your request in a timely manner, please be advised that because of the COVID-19 shelter in place orders, there may be extended delays in processing your permits and inspections.  We appreciate your cooperation, and understanding during these unprecedented times.

The Public Works Department’s mission is to provide quality services with commitment, courtesy and pride. In partnership with the Burlingame community, the Department strives to offer cost-effective and environmentally responsible services in the areas of design, construction, operation, and maintenance of public works infrastructure critical to the health and safety of the community and to making Burlingame a beautiful and vibrant city in which to live and work.

The Public Works Department is composed of seven major divisions: Engineering, Facilities, Sewer, Streets and Storm Drainage, Vehicle and Equipment, Water, and Wastewater Treatment Plant. The primary function of the Department is to provide essential public health and safety services to the community including high-quality drinking water, wastewater treatment, safe roads and sidewalks, storm drainage improvements and flood protection, and sewer collection system, traffic signal, street light, parking facility, building facility and fleet maintenance. 

The Public Works Department is responsible for implementing the City’s Capital Improvement Program, including upgrades to aging infrastructure. In addition, the Department reviews plans and inspects construction of public improvements to serve new private residential, commercial, and industrial developments. The Department also reviews and processes encroachment permits for work done in the City right-of-way by private contractors and utility companies.

Syed Murtuza

Public Works Director

Phone 650-558-7230

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