Permits, Applications and Fees

ENCROACHMENT PERMIT - Anyone working in the City right-of-way, such as street, sidewalk area, public easements, and utility easements, is required to obtain an Encroachment Permit prior to starting work.

STORMWATER CONSTRUCTION POLLUTION PREVENTION PERMIT - Any construction activity that disturbs land, from small projects such as curb and gutter replacement and pouring a driveway, to large projects such as excavation for building construction, is subject to the City’s Stormwater Construction Pollution Prevention Permit.

BLOCK PARTY PERMIT –Application, rules and regulations for temporary closure of any street, sidewalk, or City property.

STREET ADDRESS CHANGE – Application request for new address, additional address, and address change.

SUBDIVISION MAP – Application for reviewing subdivision maps such as lot-line adjustment, lot combination, lot splits, or condominium map.

SPECIAL ENCROACHMENT PERMIT - This permit is required for permanent and non-permanent fixtures within the city's Right-of-way. 

Click here to view the Citywide fee schedule for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.