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City of Burlingame Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Priorities

These four priorities were developed during the January 28, 2017 Annual Goal-Setting Session with input gathered from the community, staff, and the City Council.  They were adopted by the City Council during the May 1, 2017 City Council meeting. These priorities are meant to serve as the guiding principles that will help the Council and staff priorities future initiatives, policies, and strategies.

  1. Sustainability - Exceed carbo reduction targets and develop strategies to address changing environmental realities.
  2. Transportation - Improve roadway safety and reduce congestion for all modes of tranportation (cars, pedestrians, and cyclists).
  3. Housing - Address affordability crisis and retain socioeconomic diversity of our community.
  4. Infrastructure - Develop near-term, fiscally responsible funding strategies to renovate City facilities.

City Council’s Goals
  1. Ensure that Burlingame is an attractive, safe and resilient community that honors its history and community character
  2. Sustain long-term financial strength with increased and diverse revenue sources
  3. Enhance Burlingame’s downtown and commercial districts
  4. Maintain and enhance Burlingame’s high quality services that meet the needs of the community
  5. Strive to promote more environmentally sustainable policies and outcomes
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