City Council

In early 2017, the City Council identified and adopted four priorities with input gathered from the community and staff.  The four priorities (listed below) are meant to serve as the guiding principles that will help the Council and staff prioritize future initiatives, policies, and strategies.

  1. Sustainability - Exceed carbo reduction targets and develop strategies to address changing environmental realities.
  2. Transportation - Improve roadway safety and reduce congestion for all modes of transportation (cars, pedestrians, and cyclists).
  3. Housing - Address affordability crisis and retain socioeconomic diversity of our community.
  4. Infrastructure - Develop near-term, fiscally responsible funding strategies to renovate City facilities.

During its goal-setting session in 2023, the City Council identified several priorities it wished to focus on in the coming years. The Mayor subsequently assigned subcommittees to each of the priorities.  These priorities, combined with two held over from the 2019-2020 goal-setting session, include:

  • City Hall: Colson and Ortiz
  • Sea Level Rise: Brownrigg and Colson
  • Shuttles: Brownrigg and Beach
  • Vision Zero: Beach and Stevenson
  • Water Reuse and Retention: Ortiz and Stevenson

Burlingame City Council

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