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Mixed-Use Development

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The City of Burlingame has approved an application for construction of a new seven-story, 265-unit mixed-use development at 1 Adrian Court, within the North Rollins Road Mixed Use area.   This project is currently under construction.

The Project consists of two parcels that currently include two commercial buildings, surface parking, and landscaping. The Project entails the demolition of these features and the merging of the two parcels to create a 2.83-acre site for a seven-story, 265-unit mixed use development.  Approximately 14.3 percent of the residential units (38 units) would be designated for low income households. The Project would entail 3,701 square feet of commercial/office space on the ground floor and a publicly accessible private park. Parking would be provided in an at-grade garage, containing two levels of parking for a total of 314 parking spaces.

Planning Commission Action Meeting - September 23, 2019
The Planning Commission approved the application on September 23, 2019.  The staff report, attachments and proposed plans are provided below.

Staff Report
Project Plans
CEQA Class 32 Infill Exemption
CEQA Class 32 Infill Exemption - Appendices

Planning Commission Design Review Study Meeting - May 13, 2019 - A design review study meeting with the Planning Commission was held on May 13, 2019.  As this was a study meeting, no action was taken on the application.  

Staff Report 
Application and Attachments
Project Plans

Project Summary
The following are pertinent details regarding the proposed development:

Zoning: North Rollins Road Mixed Use
Site Area: 2.83 Acres
Proposed Units: 265 (including 38 units affordable to Low Income Households (80% AMI))
Proposed Commercial: 3,730 square feet
Proposed Public-Access Open Space: 24,996 square feet
Building Height: 7 stories, 79 feet


Project Planner

Ruben Hurin, Planning Manager

Carmel Partners
Adam Mayer