Green Building

Green Building is about how to make existing and new buildings more efficient, use less resources, and healthy places to spend time in. See our resources below for saving energy, water, and reducing waste.

Building Electrification
All-electric buildings or building electrification refers to buildings that have no natural gas service and don't burn any gas (a fossil fuel). All-electric buildings have electric appliances for space and water heating, clothes drying, cooking, and more. Converting buildings to be all-electric is a key action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric appliances are more efficient than their natural-gas counterparts and are comparable in cost.

Appliance   Electric Option  Resources
 Cooking Electric cooktop oven

Induction cooktop, a high performance option that uses electromagnetic energy that heats faster and to higher temperatures than natural gas
 Space Heating  
Air source heat pump HVAC, can efficiently provide both heating and cooling from single unit, ducted or wall systems.

Electric room space heaters
Types of air source heat pumps
 Water Heating  
Heat pump water heater, tank or tankless
Heat pump buyers guide
Clothes Drying Electric dryer

Heat pump dryer
 Electric dryer options
Pool heating Heat pump pool system  How it works


Electric fireplace Electric fireplace reviews

Burlingame's Reach Codes
As part of the City's effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Burlingame adopted reach codes - building codes that are more efficient than the state's building codes - that require new buildings to use all-electric appliances. Read about our reach codes here.

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