Solar Resources

Energy Efficiency First: The first step in any solar energy installation is to reduce energy use with energy efficient measures to minimize the size and cost of the solar project. Energy efficiency measures can include retrofitting light fixtures, installing insulation, and replacing single paned windows.

Solar Maps: Explore the solar potential in Burlingame neighborhoods. 
Burlingame Solar Map - view the City's over 400 solar installations by neighborhood.
Google Project Sunroof - see how much sunlight your roof receives.

Savings: Solar Calculator, a PG&E resource to calculate energy and cost savings with solar.

SunShares solar bulk purchase: SunShares offers solar bulk purchasing and electric vehicle discounts to Bay Area residents. Sunshares pools the buying power of residents, vets the contractors, and offers free, third-party technical advice. For more information, see www.bayareasunshares.org.

Financing:  PACE financing allows property owners to tack on the cost of solar installations and energy efficient projects to property tax bills.

Permits: Electrical permits are required for all solar PV installations. Solar projects do not require zoning permits or design review. City of Burlingame permit requirements for solar installations.

Solar Thermal: Solar thermal, also known as solar water heating, is a cost saving and environmentally friendly solar energy technology used to heat water for residential use.  Learn more about it here and find the required permits here