What happened to the Green Lime Bikes?

On Thursday, February 14, 2019, Lime contacted the City of Burlingame to explain that it planned to change its service delivery model and discontinue offering bikes (both pedal and electric) as part of its ride share solutions offering. Even though Lime has an agreement with the City to make 200 bikes available to the Burlingame community in exchange for use of the City's public rights-of-way through June 19, 2019, it appears that Lime has already removed all of its bikes from Burlingame.

The City partnered with Lime in late 2017 in a one-year pilot bike sharing program. In the fall of 2018, the City conducted a survey to gauge community response to the Lime program. During its December 3, 2018 meeting, the City Council reviewed the positive feedback from the Community survey, and directed staff to extend the agreement for an additional six months and issue a Request for Proposals to identify a bike share provider for a longer-term contract.

The City recognizes the importance of offering the community an alternative to driving, especially for making first and last mile transit connections, and the valuable impact such a program will have on the City's climate action goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As such, we will work hard to identify alternate bike share providers and will update the community as more information becomes available.

For a copy of the December 3, 2018 Staff Report presented to the City Council, click here