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Library programs are free and open to the public and are intended to promote and enhance the collections, services and mission of the Burlingame Public Library. The Burlingame Public Library's mission is to "Awaken your curiosity. Spark your creativity. Strengthen your connections." Library programs are developed and presented for adults and include activities such as author talks, lectures, film screenings, workshops, poetry readings, and musical concerts.

Program proposals from the public, which complement the library's collections, services, and goals are selected by the Adult Services Staff according to the needs and interests of the community; the suitability of each library's physical space; the program's contribution to the library's overall schedule of events; and the availability of Library staff to assist with the presentation of the program. Programs must comply with the library meeting room policies, which mandate the program be open to the public, free of charge and prohibit commercial advertising or direct solicitation. Individuals and organizations interested in partnering with the library on adult programs are invited to submit a proposal according to the guidelines set forth below.

Please note: The Library will review proposals, but is not actively seeking proposals. 

Adult Program Guidelines

Proposals are accepted according to the following schedule:

Program Submission Deadline

For Programs Which Take Place

February 15

May, June, July

May 15

August, September, October

August 15

November, December, January

November 15

February, March, April

CLICK HERE to Submit a Proposal
(For children’s and teen program proposals, please call 650-558-7400 x3)  

Applicants will be notified of acceptance or rejection within approximately two weeks of submission deadlines. Proposals must include all of the required information.

Proposals are reviewed by the Adult Services staff and accepted on a competitive basis according to the criteria set out in the Adult Program Guidelines.  A limited number of proposals are accepted each quarter. Applicants will be notified of acceptance or rejection within approximately two weeks of submission deadlines. Applicants may also inquire with Library Administration, 650-558-7434, regarding renting Library meeting rooms. For a complete listing of our public spaces, including study rooms and meeting rooms, click here.

If the Program Proposal is Accepted

The Burlingame Public Library will:

    • Identify a staff member who will serve as your contact and attend your program
    • Provide a space and set-up
    • Produce appropriate publicity, such as press releases to the local media, appropriate printed materials, and inclusion in the Library's monthly calendar of events

The partnering organization or individual will:

    • Provide a contact person who is authorized to make decisions and will attend your program
    • Work with the library contact person to coordinate publicity, meet publicity deadlines and provide complete information