First Friday Art Series

Each month, the Burlingame Public Library highlights the works of a local artist or group of artists in a gallery space on the Main Level of the library.

From May 2017-September 2019, our First Friday Art Series also included an after-hours show to celebrate our painters, illustrators, photographers, sculptors, and even a glassblower. The Burlingame Library extends a huge "thank you" to all the artists who have participated and to those attended!

 While First Friday Art Series has come to an end, we are looking to develop a new series to continue highlighting local artists and their techniques in the future. If you are an artist and are interested in participating, please send us an email.

List of previous artists (starting with most recent):
September 2019
Paige Mason
Sep 19 Paige MasonSep 19 Paige Mason 2Sep 19 Paige Mason 3

Martin Hsu Art / Martin Hsu Design
Jul 19 Martin Hsu 2Jul 19 Martin Hsu 3Jul 19 Martin Hsu 4

June 2019
Patricia Wakida of Wasabi Press
Jun 19 Patricia WakidaJun 19 Patricia Wakida 2Jun 19 Patricia Wakida 3

May 2019
Zine Fest, featuring Breena Nuñez, Bumperboy, Eishin Yoshida, Erin Partridge, HAETAE, Lawrence Lindell, Lining Wang, Strawberrymilkmade, Transgender Cancer Patient Project, and Trinidad Escobar
with live music by Containher

CLICK HERE to view the collaborative zine that was created at this event.
May 19 bumperboyMay 19 Eishin YoshidaMay 19 Erin PartridgeMay 19 haetaeMay 19 Lawrence Lindell and Breena NunezMay 19 strawberrymilkmadeMay 19 Trans Cancer Zine and Lining WangMay 19 Trinidad EscobarMay 19 Zine Fest 2May 19 ContainHER

April 2019
Rema Mansi
Apr 19 Rema MansiApr 19 Rema Mansi 2Apr 19 Rema Mansi 3

March 2019 (exhibit only)
Paul Wallach
Mar 19 Paul WallachMar 19 Paul Wallach 2Mar 19 Paul Wallach 3

February 2019
Richa Bapat
Feb 19 Richa Bapat 1Feb 19 Richa Bapat 2

January 2019
Kids & Art
(Exhibiting in participation with the Burlingame Library's STEAMFest)

December 2018 (exhibit only)
Patricia Gray 
Dec 18 Patricia GrayDec 18 Patricia Gray 2

November 2018
Eric Kneeland of Black Stamp Studios and Andrew Conway
Nov 18 Eric Kneeland and Andrew ConwayNov 18 Eric and Andrew 2Nov 18 Eric and Andrew 3

October 2018
Ashley Moore
Oct 18 Ashley MooreOct 18 Ashley Moore 2Oct 18 Ashley Moore 3

September 2018
Alexandra Martinez/Likely Lexi
Sep 18 Alexandra MartinezSep 18 Alexandra Martinez 2Sep 18 Alexandra Martinez 3

August 2018
Mehran Ghaffari
Aug 18 Mehran GhaffariAug 18 Mehran Ghaffari 2Aug 18 Mehran Ghaffari 3

July 2018
Radio Free Clear Light
with screenprinting by Black Stamp Studios
Jul 18 Radio Free Clear LightJul 18 Radio Free Clear Light 2Jul 18 Radio Free Clear Light 3
Jul 18 Black Stamp StudiosJul 18 Black Stamp Studios 2Jul 18 Black Stamp Studios 3

June 2018
Nancy and Jenny Ahn
Jun 18 Nancy and Jenny Ahn

May 2018
Jason Moore
With additional art from Alyssa Bivins
May 18 Jason MooreMay 18 Jason Moore 2May 18 Alyssa Bivins

April 2018
Nany Tendjoukian
Apr 18 Nany TendjoukianApr 18 Nany Tendjoukian 2Apr 18 Nany Tendjoukian 3

March 2018
Emily Smith
with live music from Steven Rozzi
Mar 18 Emily SmithMar 18 Emily Smith 2Mar 18 Steven Rozzi

February 2018
Robert Liu-Trujillo
Feb 18 Robert Liu-Trujillo 2Feb 18 Robert Liu-Trujillo 3Feb 18 Robert Liu-Trujillo

December 2017
Roan Victor
with live music by Containher
Dec 17 ContainHERDec 17 Roan VictorDec 17 Roan Victor 2

November 2017
Burlingame Art Society
Michael Dickinson of Dickinson Glass
with live music by Joanneh Nagler
Nov 17 JoAnnah NaglerNov 17 Burlingame Art SocietyNov 17 Burlingame Art Society 2
Nov 17 Dickinson GlassNov 17 Dickinson Glass 2Nov 17 Dickinson Glass 3

October 2017
Lola x Kenneth Collaboration
Oct 17 LolaxKenneth CollaborationOct 17 LolaxKenneth 2Oct 17 LolaxKenneth 3

September 2017
Genevieve Santos
w/ live music by Elaine Ryan Music
Sep 17 Elaine Ryan MusicSep 17 santos 1Sep 17 santos 2.

August 2017
Frances Marin 
Aug 17 Frances MarinAug 17 Frances Marin 2Aug 17 Frances Marin 3

July 2017
Members of the Peninsula Museum of Art
Jul 17 Peninsula Museum of Art 1Jul 17 Peninsula Museum of Art 2 Jul 17 Peninsula Museum of Art 3 copy

June 2017
Harumo Sato
harumo 1harumo 2harumo 3

May 2017
Burlingame Art Society
art society 1art society 2art society3