Public Transportation

Burlingame is easy to navigate without a car!






There are five free shuttles that serve the City of Burlingame. Commute.org manages the Burlingame Bayside Area Shuttle and the Burlingame North - BART – Caltrain shuttles. The Burlingame Trolley and Red Line Trolley are managed by participating hotels and run by Gateway Limousines Worldwide. 

  • Burlingame Bayside Area Shuttle - Commute.org information - Carries commuters from the Millbrae Intermodal Station to Burlingame businesses in the morning and evening commute hours during the week. The shuttle stops curbside along Rollins Road, Bayshore Highway and Airport Boulevard.
  • Burlingame North - BART - Caltrain - Commute.org information
  • Burlingame Trolley -  Trolley schedule - Runs seven days a week serving the Burlingame Avenue and Broadway shopping areas and the Airport Hotels.

Currently, there is no charge to passengers for the use of the shuttle services. The shuttles are funded by the City of Burlingame, Peninsula Joint Powers Board, San Mateo Transit District, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County, Downtown Burlingame Business Association, and the Broadway Improvement District.

Printed schedules are also available on the shuttle, at the Burlingame Chamber of Commerce, and at the hotels. Times are approximate.