Street System

Street System The City maintains the street system within the City boundaries. Unincorporated Burlingame Hills is maintained by the County of San Mateo. El Camino Real is a state highway and is maintained by Caltrans. Any potholes found on City roads should be reported to the Street Department at 558-7670 or on accessBurlingame.


There are two Street Sweeping schedules in effect during the year. Click on the link above for more information.

The Public Works Department maintains a computer program that identifies all the streets in the City and divides them into workable sections for improvements. The computer program uses historical data, traffic volume and the existing roadway section to estimate the life of the roadway. Engineers take this output information, drive or walk the subject roadway and prepare a project that either addresses point repairs (Example: potholes and crack filling) or requires complete overlays. The budget is usually a prime factor in limiting or expanding the work to be performed.

Contractors working in the City of Burlingame shall be licensed by the State of California and have a Burlingame Business License. 

Contractors working in the roadway shall have a “Class A,” General Engineering Contractor’s License and shall provide the Public Works Department with proof of insurance in accordance with Section 7 of the Department of Transportation Standard Specifications with the City named as additionally insured. Additional requirements are included in the project specifications.