The City of Burlingame’s street sweepers come through your neighborhood during the weekdays to sweep your streets. It is difficult to clean roadways where there are parked cars along the curb. Please help us improve our ability to pick up leaves, debris, and storm drain pollutants by moving parked cars off the street on the morning (or night before) sweeping occurs.

Burlingame Street Sweeping Program

The City of Burlingame has been struggling to balance the budget while continuing to maintain providing high quality services to its residents. The City had to reduce staffing levels and services in several programs including Street Sweeping to balance the budget. 

In order to balance the budget while continuing to provide high quality and effective street sweeping services to our community, the City has modified the program as follows: 

Street sweeping is performed every other week during the spring/summer months (April through September). During the leaf and winter season from October to March, the street sweeping is performed on a weekly basis. 

The modified program will continue to provide effective street sweeping services to our residents throughout the year while increasing the intensity of the program by sweeping every week during the fall and winter seasons and reducing the intensity during the summer season while continuing to keep the City clean. 

There are two Street Sweeping schedules in effect during the year. View our new Street Sweeping map to see when our street sweepers will come through your neighborhood.

Please call the Public Works Corporation Yard at 650-558-7670 for more information.