The City places asphalt concrete as temporary measures when potential hazards are reported. Unincorporated Burlingame Hills has very few concrete improvements which are maintained by the County of San Mateo. Concrete improvements along El Camino Real are owned and maintained by Caltrans. Any missing concrete pieces or problems with alignment should be reported to the Public Works Department at 558-7230. 
The Public Works Department has divided the City into sections for contracting large concrete repair problems. Engineers walk the subject roadway to prepare a project that makes point repairs. The budget is usually a prime factor in limiting or expanding the work to be performed. Note that money has not been available to adjust grades on gutters that might improve drainage. Tree root infiltration around sidewalks presents a major cause of alignment problems and premature concrete replacement. 
Projects for new construction are publicized in the San Mateo County Times and copies of the plans and specifications mailed to eleven participating Plan holder Clearing Houses. 
Contractors working in the City of Burlingame shall be licensed by the State of California and have a Burlingame Business License. Contractors working in the roadway shall have a “Class A,” General Engineering Contractor’s License and shall provide the Public Works Department with proof of insurance in accordance with Section 7 of the Department of Transportation Standard Specifications with the City named as additionally insured. Additional requirements are included in the project specifications. 
New curb drains installed from the house or yard through the curb require an Encroachment Permit including removal and replacement sidewalk and curb/gutter unless pipes are bored in place and curbs cored through.