Smart Parking Meters


 New Parking Strategy for the City of Burlingame

The City is working to improve the parking experience for residents and patrons in the commercial areas, and has implemented several strategies to improve parking conditions. In 2017, the City completed the replacement of approximately 730 coin operated meters with new IPS Group, Inc., single-space smart parking meters in downtown Burlingame Avenue and Broadway commercial core areas. The City will continue the expansion of single-space smart parking meters to the remaining 770 coin operated meters. The new meters accept coins, credit or debit cards, and coming soon can also be paid through a new smart-phone application.
The new smart meters are easy-to-use and reliable, with a big screen that makes it easy to see all of the key information, such as remaining time and time limits.


Whether you're shopping, dining, enjoying culture, nightlife, or events at Downtown Broadway or at Downtown Burlingame Avenue, parking has never been easier. Now you can simply park and swipe, pay with coins, or pay with your smart phone.


Look at the smart meter’s display to find parking rates, hours, time limits, and other important information. If it is dark, press any button to light the display.
change If paying with coins, simply insert them in the coin slot until the desired time is reached on the display. Quarters, dimes, nickels, and $1 coins accepted.
card If paying electronically, insert and remove your credit or debit card. The smart meter accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
buttons With the blue [+] and [-] buttons, select the amount of time. The cost for that time will be displayed underneath.
check Press green [OK] button to confirm your payment, or red [CANCEL] button to stop your transaction. The meter will attempt to authorize the payment shown on the screen if neither button is pressed after 35 seconds.
clock Wait for authorization of the card.
  *Please note that time purchased at this meter corresponds only to the adjoining parking spot. The time purchased is not transferable.


Using Park Smarter™

The PARK SMARTER™ mobile app provides our citizen's with a parking experience that saves time
and is easy to use. To get started paying through your smartphone, visit the PARK SMARTER™
website and download the application.parksmarter

Watch the demo:

Using My Parking ReceiPT


My Parking Receipt™ is a convenient website that allows customers to view, download and print their parking receipts paid at any IPS meter. My Parking Receipt™ offers:

  • Setting to automatically email parking receipts upon close of transaction
  • One-time customer account set-up to simply access, view export and expense
  • User-friendly interface

Watch the demo: