Parking Info & Lot Maps

The City has an ample supply of parking to support visitors to both the downtown and Broadway shopping districts.

Downtown/Burlingame Avenue Shopping District
» Burlingame Avenue Parking Information and Map 

  • Long-term/employee parking (up to 10 hours) available in parking lots B, F, G, K, N, O, and W -- $3 for 10 hours.
    Lot H - $1 for 10 hours.
  • Long-term parking within closer proximity to Burlingame Avenue (between 4 and 10 hours) available in lots A, C, D, E, J, and V -- metered
  • Short-term metered lots available right off Burlingame Avenue with time limits up to 2 hours at a rate of $1 per hour.
  • Street parking available throughout the downtown -- (metered)

Broadway Shopping District
» Broadway Parking Information and Map 

  • Long-term/employee parking in lots S (up to 9 hrs metered) and T ($2 for 10hr) 
  • Short-term parking available in lots P, Q, R, and Y (metered -- 50¢/hour)
  • Short-term parking also available in lot S (metered -- 10¢/hour)
  • On-street parking (metered -- 24 min to 2 hours)

Parking Problems?

If you have trouble with a parking meter call 650-777-4196 
If you have trouble with a pay-by-space machine call 650-766-9610