Adopt-a-Unit Contacts for Donations

Donations may be dropped off at any Central County Fire Station or call/email a Committee Member to schedule a pickup.


Don Dornell, Chair 650-558-7604 ddornell@centralcountyfd.org
Norma O'Connor 650-342-4637 normaoc@earthlink.net
Phyllis Everson 650-344-5632 phylliseverson@comcast.net


Make checks payable to: Burlingame Adopt-a-Unit

Mail to: Don Dornell, Chairperson, PO Box 1912, Burlingame, CA 94011-1912

Tax ID Number: 946000304

Suggested personal Items to send once deployed:

  1. AA & AAA Batteries
  2. Baby wipes with aloe
  3. Canned or packaged nuts (no larger than 16oz cans)
  4. CDs and DVDs (copies work fine)
  5. Chicken or Tuna-in-a-pouch
  6. Deep Woods Off® with DEET (pump spray only)
  7. Games (playing cards, dominoes, chess, etc.)
  8. Gold Bond® hand lotion & medicated foot powder
  9. Graphite powder (locksmith type)
  10. Gum
  11. Hiking socks -- green, NOT 100% cotton)
  12. Jerky (all kinds)
  13. Lip balm
  14. Magazines with puzzles
  15. Meals in a can with pull top (chili, Spaghetti O's, etc.)
  16. Military tan T-shirt (M, LG, XLG)
  17. Nasal pump spray
  18. Neck coolers with polymer
  19. Packaged cookies
  20. Powdered drink mixes
  21. Q-tips®
  22. Ramen noodles
  23. Snacks (candy bars, popcorn, etc.)
  24. Video games, any kind or type
  25. Visine®