Online Tree Documents List (pdf and links)

Burlingame is proud of its designation as a “TREE CITY USA.” Many trees growing in Burlingame are City-owned trees and are maintained by the City. 

Official Tree List online
 with photos and tree descriptions Courtesy of Mike Reitsma and Pam Buckley. Call the Parks Division office at 650-558-7330 for the appropriate list of trees that are available for planting in your area.

City Street Trees Burlingame Municipal Code, Chapter 11.04

Important City Tree FAQs & Policies

Urban Reforestation & Tree Protection Burlingame Municipal Code, Chapter 11.06

City Street Tree Inventory The City of Burlingame has a comprehensive street tree inventory that allows “guests” to access a City tree by address.

The Burlingame Beautification Commission consists of 5 citizen members, appointed by the Council, and acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council, the City Manager, and the Director of Parks and Recreation in all matters of city trees and protected private trees and cooperates with other governmental and civic groups in the advancement of sound reforestation and tree protection planning and programs of meeting calendar. Click here for meeting calendar of the Beautification Commission meetings.  

Click below to view Dale Perkins vlog about the 2015 Business Landscape Award Winner - Wachter Investments, Inc.

Arbor Day is celebrated on March 7th each year in the City of Burlingame. Burlingame takes great pride in the variety and quality of its urban forest. Burlingame has been awarded Tree City USA status by the National Arbor Day Foundation each year since 1980. Tree Cities must have an active tree maintenance and replacement program. They must also have an active local board which specifically deals with arboricultural issues. The Burlingame Beautification Commission serves as that board.  Click here to visit the National Arbor Day Foundation website.