Middle School  Sports

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Program Goals
The Burlingame Parks and Recreation Department strives to offer a wide variety of quality afterschool sports to as many kids as possible in the Burlingame community.  We accomplish this through the hard work of parents, teachers, coaches, administrators, and the recreation staff. We do not make any cuts in our program and encourage all kids to participate.

Registration Process
Participants can register for all sports through the Burlingame Recreation Department through our website, over the phone, or in person at the Recreation Center. Registration for Fall begins in Summer.  Spring and Winter registration begins in Fall.   We make every effort to allow all students the opportunity to participate in the afterschool sports program. 

The amount of teams are determined by the number of coaches, as well as facility limitations.   If the sport is full, it is encouraged to sign up for the waiting list, and as spots or more coaches become available, the waiting list will be notified. 

Good sportsmanship is a very important part of the after school sports program. Players are expected to act with dignity and respect towards teammates, opponents & facilities. Parents are there to be supportive of players & coaches. Any unsportsmanlike conduct by players or parents may because to ban them from future events.

The Burlingame Parks and Recreation Department offers scholarship opportunities to participants who require assistance to pay the registration fee.   If you have questions about scholarship email Joleen Helley

North County Recreation League (NCRL)
The Burlingame Parks and Recreation Department belongs to the North County Recreation League. The NCRL is comprised of schools from South San Francisco, Burlingame, Hillsborough, Millbrae, San Bruno, and Brisbane.  The Recreation Departments of these cities work closely with the local schools to promote the afterschool sports programs. It is the leagues' philosophy that we allow the opportunity for everyone who wishes to play. Burlingame Residents who do not attend Burlingame Intermediate School are eligible to participate.

“Burlingame Parks & Recreation Department is creating a better community in which to live and play through quality recreational environments, enriching opportunities, and empowering people.”

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