New Community Center - Completed

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Updated 7/5/2022

SequoiaKids town

The new Community Center is open to the public! However, many things will still need to be completed to sign off on the building.  So please be patient while the contractor completes the punch list items. This includes repairs needed to complete the ramp to the underground parking. 

Updated 5/10/2022

New Community Center exterior 5.10.12

Upstairs Meeting room

We have great news!  The finishing touches are in progress, and the ribbon-cutting and grand opening of the new Community Center has been scheduled.  Please join us on Wednesday, June 15 at 3:30pm, followed by an open house from 4-6pm.  The new Community Center will officially start summer programming on Monday, June 20.

Updated 3/15/22
Spring 2022 Burlingame Community Center

Updated 2/10/22
Aerial from Burlingame Ave 2.10.22
LobbyView from east sideView from Park side

Progress continues on the building of the new Community Center. Staff is anticipating that the building will be ready for move-in in mid-May and open in mid-June. You will notice that the scaffolding around the building has been removed. The generator was delivered on February 8 and put in place by a crane. The interior painting is in progress as well as the ceiling grids. In February, the elevator installation will begin, and the HVAC systems should be installed. The construction trailers are also scheduled to be moved in February to allow the street side improvements to begin.

Updated 1/31/22
new Comm Center Drone shot 1.31.22

Large Delivery - The generator for the new Community Center will be delivered on Tuesday, February 8, 2022. A crane will also be coming with it to put it in place. The expected arrival time to the site is between 6am – 7pm. The construction crew has received approval to start putting the generator in place as early as 7am. To help with traffic control, flaggers will be on Burlingame Avenue to manage the traffic in both directions. The crane will be arriving and departing on Carolan Avenue. If you have any questions, please contact construction manager George Sanan at (415) 858-8582

Updated 1/7/22

The construction is 85% completed.  The building has been electrified by PG&E and the interior insulation and drywall is completed.  The installation of the window systems continues and during the month of January the ceiling grids will be installed.  By the end of January the majority of the scaffolding will be removed.

Community Center Update - Drone shot 1.7.2022

Upstairs - new Comm Center 1.2022Community Hall - 1.7.22

Updated 11/30/21

Work is progressing each day. The installation of the interior insulation and drywall on the 1st and 2nd floor is nearly complete. The storefront window systems should be installed by the end of December, and the interior painting continues. Most exciting is PG&E will be energizing the building on Monday, December 6. By the end of December, we hope to have the building fully enclosed!

Nov Pic 1
Nov Pic 3

Nov pic 4Nov Pic 2

Updated 10/4/21

10.1.2021 Drone shot for CC Update 1

10.1.2021 Drone shot for CC Update 2a

We are happy to report that we are on schedule to open for summer programming 2022.  In September, much of the waterproofing and the fire sprinkler installation and testing for the parking garage was completed.  You will be happy to hear that we passed the test!  During October, the windows will continue to be installed, the vehicular traffic curbs and gutters are expected to be completed, and the 2nd-floor sprinkler system will be tested.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that we can maintain the construction schedule!

Updated 9/13/21

new Community Center Construction aeriel 9.13.21

Community Center interior constructionInterior - Community Center Construction 9.13.21image004

We hope you are as excited as us with the progress BHM has made on constructing the new Community Center. They have completed much of the framing as the infrastructure for the utilities. Soon the interior drywall and windows will start to be installed. The project is still on target to be open for summer 2022. If you are interested in supporting the new furnishing for the building, the Capital Campaign is in full swing. You can learn more at Capital Campaign.

Updated 8/3/21

Click here to get a sky view of the construction site!

Updated 7/7/2021

Summer update 2021 Burlingame Community Center

Updated 6/7/2021

Community Center Construction Update 6.7.2021Community Center Construction Update 6.7.2021 - 2Community Center Construction Update 6.7.2021 - 3Community Center Construction Update 6.7.2021 - 4

The new Community Center construction continues to take shape.  As of the end of May, the following items have been completed.

  1. Ground floor topping slab
  2. Installation of main pavilion metal roofing
  3. Installation of the steel sequences 1 & 2
  4. Installation of stairs No’s 3 & 4
  5. Installation of the mechanical pad

Upcoming work includes:

  1. Ground floor topping slab in Lobby area
  2. West 1st and 2nd-floor layout and framing
  3. West pavilion roofing
  4. Finalize soils settlement re-compaction
  5. Garage ductwork and controls

Updated 5/3/2021

May Update 1

May Update 2

May Update 3

May Update 4

The project continues to be on schedule.  Recent work completed includes:

  • Concrete pours for the garage ramp and lower roof. 
  • Floor layout and framing for the west side 1st and 2nd floors.
  • Rough-in for the garage sprinklers, electrical, ductwork, and controls.

Upcoming work includes:

  • Form and install the mechanical pad.
  • Erect trash enclosure.
  • Install stair No. 2 & No. 4.
  • Install main pavilion roofing.

If you have questions about the project, please contact Construction Manager George Sanen (415) 858-8582.

Updated 4/8/2021

We are now at 40% completion, and much has been accomplished, including:

  • Podium deck – February 3
  • East building erection of steel – sequence 1 and 2 – February 8
  • Concrete pour west building 2nd floor deck – February 24
  • SOG (Slab-0n-Grade) west building – March 24
  • Concrete slab, west building, low roof – March 30

Next up is:

  • Completion of steel structure –  west building – April 16
  • Completion of steel structure – east building – April 30
  • SOG (Slab-on-Grade) between west and east buildings  – April 29
  • Garage sprinkler system testing – April 29
  • Interior framing – west building 1st floor- April 19

Updated 3/11/2021
new Community Center Construction 3.11.2021new Community Center Construction 3.11.2021 butterfly roof

On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, BHM Construction will be pouring concrete as part of the New Community Center Project's construction.

  1. Starting at 6 am, the concrete pumps will be put into place onsite.
  2. Concrete trucks will start rolling in at 7 am and will continue until 6 pm.
  3. During this time, traffic control will be in effect on Burlingame Ave and, as necessary, on Carolan Avenue if there is an overflow of trucks.
  4. The route to follow will be the same as in previous concrete pours, via Carolan Ave. to the site and back, and further on to the 101 freeway.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact BHM Representative Paul Ubaldi (707) 337-0318 or Construction Manager George Sanen (415) 858-8582.

Updated 2/24/2021

The New Community Center's construction continues to be on schedule, with an opening in late spring of 2022.  Last week, the City Council and City officials participated in the ceremonial "signing of the last beam." 

Signing the Last Beam 2.24.2021

Updated 2/22/2021

Staff presented a PowerPoint presentation at the February 16, 2021 City Council Meeting.  Enjoy the drone footage of the construction site!

Updated 1/25/2021

new Community Center drone photo - 1.25.2021

On Thursday, February 3, 2021, BHM Construction will be pouring concrete as part of the New Community Center Project's construction.

  1. Starting at 6 am, the concrete pumps will be put into place onsite.
  2. Concrete trucks will start rolling in at 7 am and will continue until 6 pm.
  3. During this time, traffic control will be in effect on Burlingame Ave and, as necessary, on Carolan Avenue if there is an overflow of trucks.
  4. The route to follow will be the same as in previous concrete pours, via Carolan Ave. to the site and back, and further on to the 101 freeway.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you have questions or concerns, please contact BHM Representative Paul Ubaldi (707) 337-0318 or Construction Manager George Sanen (415) 858-8582.

Updated 1/14/2021

New Burlingame Community Center Winter 2021 Update

Updated 12/22/2020

While 2020 has been a challenge on many fronts, the new community center's construction progress has been smooth.  Items to note:

  1. The structural steel on the westside is 80% completed.
  2. The base rock for the garage ramp is being installed this week.
  3. The metal decking for the 2nd floor and roof areas for the westside of the building will be installed next week. 
  4. The concrete pour on the garage (known as podium area) is scheduled for January 23rd (Saturday).   We are estimating a 13-hour day with 800 cubic yards of concrete being poured. 
  5. The structural steel on the northside (within the garage area) is 40% completed, and the remaining steel will be erected at the beginning of February. 

CC 12.21.20 1CC 12.21.20 2CC 12.21.20 3

Updated 12/1/2020

The construction of the new Community Center has been under construction for six months now, and significant progress has been made.  At the end of November, the walls at the garage level have been formed, the steel structure frames in the garage area have been erected, and the electrical conduits under the slab have been installed.  In December, the west side steel structure will be installed, followed by the concrete slab on the west side.  At the current pace, it is estimated the construction will be complete at the end of April 2022.

Going Vertical - new Community Center 11.30.2020Overview of new Community Center 11.30.2020

Updated 10/19/2020

Comm Center Update 10.17.2020 - 10Comm Center Update 10.17.2020 - 15Comm Center Update 10.17.2020 -16Comm Center Update 10.17.2020 - 17

Thank you for your patience on Saturday, October 17 while the concrete pour took place.  You might wonder why we needed to pour concrete on a Saturday over a 12-hour window.  There are several reasons:

  1. Pouring a monolithic slab is a great benefit for the project because it allows the progress of construction to be maintained in relation to the schedule.  If the work had been split into 2 or 3 phases (days), mobilization of crews and equipment would’ve been compounded and have a higher cost to the project, as well as extensions on the schedule.
  2. The truck loads have to be spaced at specific intervals so that there is a constant flow/supply of concrete on-site to disperse and cover the entire area.  The timing of these loads is calculated in relation to the amount of traffic and the duration of the concrete being in the trucks.  The concrete cannot get too hot given its slump before pouring.  On-site inspectors test batches of concrete and cylinders to ensure the temperatures are correct before they are poured.  This requires consistent arrivals and weekend traffic is less complex than during the weekdays.
  3. Low availability of concrete in the Bay Area - Given the large amount of concrete required for this pour (1,600 cubic yards), two batch plants had to work in unison to provide the concrete.  This is easier to coordinate on we weekend day since there is less competition for the concrete during the week. 
  4. With winter looming, we need to get as much concrete as we can poured before the rains come.  The contractor was very concerned about the timeline and possible delays (up to 4 weeks) in getting concrete for this pour we waited.

The good news is the pour was successful.  As the project progresses, there will more than likely be additional Saturday pours in order to avoid delays and higher costs.  If that occurs, the dates will be posted on the website.  In addition, you can be added to our email list that sends out periodic updates.  If you are interested, please contact Joleen Helley, Administrative Assistant at

Updated 10/14/2020

Comm Center Update - 10.14.2020 -  4Comm Center Update - 10.14.2020 - 1Comm Center Update - 10.14.2020 - 7

The fire riser, the first step in preparing for the fire protection system, has been installed.  All the underground electrical conduit has also been installed.  Over the next couple of weeks, the garage walls are being formed, and the rebar is being installed.  On Saturday, October 17, the mat slab (concrete floor for the underground parking garage) will be poured.  The work hours will be from 7 am to 7 pm to complete the pour of1,600 cubic yards of concrete.  You will see concrete trucks on Carolan Ave. and Burlingame Ave. throughout the day.  If you have questions, please contact Paul Ubaldi at (707) 337-0318 or George Sanen at (415) 858-8582


Updated 9/24/2020

GS Sept 23.2020 1GS Sept 23.2020 11GS Sept 23.2020 4GS Sept 24.2020 1
GS Sept 24.2020 3GS Sept 24.2020 4

Concrete continues to be poured.  Concurrently approximately 800 lineal feet of electrical conduit and 200 lineal feet of plumbing are being installed.   While concrete is becoming more challenging to source, the project continues to be on schedule.

Updated 9/3/2020 

Concrete Garage Floor 9.3.2020Concrete Truck ArmConcrete Pour 9.3.2020Concrete Trucks -9.3.2020GS Sept 3.2020 1GS Sept 3.2020 2

Construction continues.  So far, there are 91,678 lbs. of foundation rebars installed, which translates to the combined weight of 20 average-sized SUV’s, or the combined weight of average-sized 26 cars.  Today, the process of pouring concrete for the foundation began, and it will continue throughout September.  

Updated 8/26/2020

Community Center Update August 26Community Center Update rebar GS August 26.2020 1

The project continues to be on schedule. All of the 98 auger piles were completed in 5 days! The rebar for the footings is going in, and the west side is estimated to be completed by September 1. The basement underground plumbing will be going in next week. It is estimated that by September 2, the concrete pour for the west side foundation will start, and by October 12, the concrete mat foundation for the underground parking will be poured. Fun fact, the 128 anchor bolts for the foundation are 4’ tall.

Pipe measurement

Updated 8/5/2020


The construction is well underway.  Just last week, on Thursday and Friday alone, there were 329 truck trips for the excavation for the underground parking.  The majority of the excavation will be completed by Thursday, August 13, and the drilling of the auger piles will start the week of August 17.  The majority of the soil from the auger drilling will be kept onsite.  Also, to note, due to the next steps in construction, the construction fencing along the pathway that comes from Burlingame Ave. will need to be shifted closer to the playground. 

The month of July saw the completion of the following activities:

  • Demolition and removal of construction debris
  • Removal of all interior underground utility pipes, drains, and conduits
  • Graded and leveled the site
  • Compaction testing of the site
  • Obtained soils test samples for soils disposal
  • Perimeter fence on the east side was removed and replaced with temporary fencing 

The following activities will be happening in August.

  • Complete excavation of the site
  • Survey location and complete drill/excavation of auger piles
  • Install fire riser
  • Survey Underground garage grid lines
  • Excavate footings, install batter-boards, and layout
  • Continue SWPPP controls in preparation of excavation work
  • Continue implementation of safety and security onsite including Covid-19 regulations for construction

If you need additional information or have concerns, you can call our project helpline at 650-558-7321.  Leave a message, and Construction Manager George Sanen will return your call.


Updated 7/29/2020


Unfortunately, the off-hauling of soil has been delayed a few days and will start on Thursday, July 29. Expect trucks coming and going to the worksite on Burlingame Avenue. The good news is that we are still on schedule. 


Updated 7/22/2020


The clearing of the site is almost complete.  Starting on Friday, July 24, the excavation for the underground parking will begin.  Please be patient with us as the trucks go by full of soil.  The truck route will be along Broadway, to Carolan, to Burlingame Ave.  It is anticipated that the bulk of soil removal will be done in two weeks.  After the excavation, a surveyor will establish the garage gridlines, and then auger piles will be drilled.  Concurrently, the west building site will be surveyed, and work on the pad will begin.


Updated 6/30/2020


The month of June saw the removal of the Recreation Center.  The soil was also tested for contaminates before it is disposed, and the good news is that the soil got a clean bill of health.  In July, you will see the completion of the removal of the demolition debris, excavation of the site for the underground parking, and grading and leveling of the site.
If you have specific questions, you can call the project helpline at 650-558-7321 and leave a message.  The line is checked daily, and the City’s Construction Manager George Sanen will return your call. 


Updated 6/18/2020

Beam Removal 2GS June 17.2020 4Demo-2---June-9.2020

The old Rec Center is down.  Once the debris is removed, work on the removal  of the concrete pad and excavation for the underground parking will begin.   If you have specific questions you can call the project helpline at 650-558-7321 and leave a message.  The line is checked daily and the City’s Construction Manager George Sanen will return your call. 

Interesting fact - Remember the beams from the Rec Center entrance?  Well, we have saved them and will be making a couple of benches for the parks in memory of the old Rec Center.

Below is a one-minute video of the Receation Center demolition. 

Updated 6/10/2020


The soft demolition of the site is almost complete.  On Thursday, June 11, the building demolition will begin starting with the wooden portions of the building.  The wood demo is estimated to take two days; then, the auditorium demo will start and take three days to complete.  As early as Thursday, June 18, the removal of the concrete pad, including the basement, will be removed.  You will notice an increase in noise from the site during this time.  It is anticipated the concrete removal will take 7-10 days.  Next up will be clearing the east property line.


Updated 6/5/2020
New Burlingame Community Center One Update 5-26-20

Updated 5/13/2020

Since the City Council approved the contract with BHM Construction, Inc., the City passed the final Inspection by the Fire Marshal and Building Inspector for modular buildings to approve occupancy and the utilities were shut off to the Recreation Center.  The Notice to Proceed was issued with a start date of May 18, 2020 and a pre-construction meeting was held.  The staging plan is nearing completion and construction fencing will start going up the week of May 18. 

In the next month, you will see the installation of the construction trailers, the setup of temporary toilets, wash stations, and power and the soft demolition.  The anticipated demolition of the building is expected to start around June 5.  

If you have questions about the project, call (650) 558-7321 and leave a message.  A member to the construction team will return your call. 

Updated 4/21/2020 

At the regularly scheduled City Council meeting on Monday, April 20, 2020, the Council unanimously voted to approve the contract with BHM Construction, Inc. for the construction of the new Community Center.  Click here for the link to the staff report.   The presentation document from the meeting can be found here.  Construction is on track to start in late May 2020 and is anticipated to take 18-24 months to complete.     

Due to the shelter in place mandate, the Recreation Center has been closed since March 16, 2020, and will not reopen after the shelter in place is lifted.   During construction, recreation activities and the Parks and Recreation registration office and Parks Division Administrative Assistant will be located in the portables between the tennis courts and Lions Club in Washington Park.  The address of the temporary facilities is 1010 Burlingame Ave.   All other contact information (phone & email) will remain the same. 

A quarterly newsletter will be posted on this project website and through the City’s social media outlets.  It will provide information about the activities completed in the prior months as well as activities anticipated in the coming months.   We anticipate the 1st newsletter will go out in early May.  If additional information needs to be shared between the quarterly newsletter, it will also be posted here.  

The designed helpline for this project is (650) 558-7321.  Staff and the construction management team will be checking this line and will respond to questions you may have about the project. 

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