New Burlingame Community Center

 Click here to view FAQ regarding the new Community Center.

Updated 4/21/2020 

At the regularly scheduled City Council meeting on Monday, April 20, 2020, the Council unanimously voted to approve the contract with BHM Construction, Inc. for the construction of the new Community Center.  Click here for the link to the staff report.   The presentation document from the meeting can be found here.  Construction is on track to start in late May 2020 and is anticipated to take 18-24 months to complete.     

Due to the shelter in place mandate, the Recreation Center has been closed since March 16, 2020, and will not reopen after the shelter in place is lifted.   During construction, recreation activities and the Parks and Recreation registration office and Parks Division Administrative Assistant will be located in the portables between the tennis courts and Lions Club in Washington Park.  The address of the temporary facilities is 1010 Burlingame Ave.   All other contact information (phone & email) will remain the same. 

A quarterly newsletter will be posted on the project website at and through the City’s social media outlets.  It will provide information about the activities completed in the prior months as well as activities anticipated in the coming months.   We anticipate the 1st newsletter will go out in early May.  If additional information needs to be shared between the quarterly newsletter, it will also be posted on the project website.  

The designed helpline for this project is (650) 558-7321.  Staff and the construction management team will be checking this line and will respond to questions you may have about the project. 

Updated 2/4/2020

Since the groundbreaking ceremony, the design team has been working on preparing for the construction of the New Community Center. The work includes finalizing the construction documents, bidding the project, and preparing the temporary facilities.  To learn more, click on the link for the staff report that was presented to the Parks & Recreation Commission at the January meeting. 

The project is currently on track to start construction in May of 2020. 


Ground Breaking Photo for WEB

The ceremonial groundbreaking for the New Burlingame Community Center Project was a big success. Many thanks to Group 4 Architecture, Inc. and Griffin Structures for providing treats to commemorate the occasion. During the groundbreaking ceremony, Mayor Donna Colson quoted author Margaret Wheatley, “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” 

City staff and officials pictured above from left to right: City Manager Lisa Goldman, Director of Public Works Syed Murtuza, Mayor Donna Colson, Vice Mayor Emily Beach, Councilmember Michael Brownrigg, and Director of Parks and Recreation Margaret Glomstad.

Washington Park Construction Update 6.24.19

Phase 1 of the new Community Center in Washington Park kicked off on Monday, June 17. This phase includes the development of a new playground, sports court, and picnic area and is expected to be completed by January 2020. The overall project is estimated to be completed by 2022.

Since the start of the Community Center Master Plan process in 2012, careful consideration has been paid to ensuring the retention of as many park trees as possible. In addition, for every tree removed, a new one will be planted in the park. In order to complete this project, a total of 71 trees and large shrubs of varying sizes will need to be removed. 20 of the 71 trees and large shrubs are considered "protected". A protected tree or large shrub has a trunk circumference of 48” or more measured 54” above the ground.

In anticipation of this project, the Parks Division has already begun planting new trees throughout the park.  The good news is that over 70 trees were preserved, and 57 new trees will be planted in the immediate project area, including a Copper Beech Heritage tree, which will be the focal point of the project. In addition, 15 new trees will be planted throughout Washington Park over a two-year period.  Scroll down to view a map of trees that are designated “new”, “preserved”, or “to be removed” throughout the entire project. Wood chips from the removed trees will be used to prevent weed growth, and some of the larger trunks will be made into benches for the new sports court seating area.Combined Tree Map - Protect, Remove, Plant

Phase 1 of the new Community Center in Washington Park began on Monday, June 17th, 2019.  Phase 1 includes a new playground, sports court, and picnic area.  The contractor anticipates the project will be completed by January 2020 before the start of construction of the new community center and parking package. 

During the construction, there will be detours throughout the park.  We apologize for any inconvenience you may encounter during the construction. The work area for Phase 1 is shown below in red.   

Work site for Washington Park

For more information, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (650) 558-7300.

On May 20, 2019 the Burlingame City Council awarded the Washington Park Playground, Picnic Area  & Sports Court contract to the lowest responsible bidder, Suarez &  Munoz Construction, Inc. whose bid came in under the engineer’s estimate. 

Work will begin on Monday, June 17, 2019. This is phase 1 of the Burlingame Community Center Project. 

Parks & Recreation Commission 1.17.19
As part of Phase 1 of the new Burlingame Community Center, the Washington Park Playground will be relocated (see the project scope below).
Washington Playground Footprint - Copy

On January 17, the Parks & Recreation Commission approved the design for the new Washington Park playground. See below for pictures.


Community Input for Washington Park Playground
The Washington Park playground is a well-utilized community amenity, staff issued a community survey soliciting input for playground equipment priorities. Staff also solicited volunteers to sit on a Washington Park Playground Committee for the playground equipment selection and design. On October 1, 2018, the Washington Park Playground Committee had its first meeting to review the project scope, timeline, and the community survey results. The community survey results indicated the public’s priority to include a “variety” of playground equipment with a slight preference for the 5-12 year-old options and that slides and climbing opportunities were important. Additional interests from the community included strap swings and imaginative play spaces. Thematically, the public preferred nature elements in the design, although the Committee also valued the train component of the current playground to tie the old playground to the new playground. Based on input from the community survey, the Committee met again on November 13, 2018 to identify a list of specific wants and needs for the new playground which was then used by two playground vendors to generate a few design concepts. Landscape Structures was selected as the preferred option.

City Council Meeting 11.5.18
The City Council approved the project budget and the schematic design of the new Burlingame Community Center. Click here for the staff report from the meeting. Click here for the slides that were presented at the meeting.

Update at the Planning Commission Meeting 9.24.18
Group 4 updated the Planning Commission on the new Community Center project. Click here for the staff report from the meeting. Click here for the slides from the presentation. 

Update at the Parks & Recreation Commission 9.20.18

Group 4 updated the Parks and Recreation Commission on the new Community Center project which is in the schematic design phase. Click here for the staff report from the meeting. Click here for the slides from the presentation. 
Check out the fly-through of the new Burlingame Community Center below!
Please note this is a rendering of the general design. Materials, colors, landscaping are still in progress.

City Council Study Session September 17, 2018
The City Council met with Group 4 Architects to review the schematic design for the new Burlingame Community Center. Group 4 sought direction and input on the following questions:  

  • Provide input on the underground parking options.
  • Approve scope and schedule for the early site package for the playground design and construction.
  • Approve exterior material palette as recommended by the Advisory Committee.
  • Provide input regarding preliminary exterior color palette.
  • Provide input on the project scope and budget.
The majority of the City Council supported adding the additional 10 parking spaces. Additionally they approved the early site package and exterior material palette and colors. 

Click here to view the slides from the study session. 

At the November 5, 2018 City Council meeting, Group 4 will seek direction and approval on the project budget and approval of the schematic design package.

Notice of Intent to Adopt an Initial Study-Mitigated Negative Declaration
Initial Study-Mitigated Negative Declaration

As mandated by State Law, the minimum comment period for this document was 20 (twenty) days and began on September 13, 0218 and will conclude on October 3, 2018.  Pursuant to Public Resources Code Section 21177, any legal challenge to the adoption of the proposed Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration will be limited to those issues presented to the City during the public comment period and/or during any duly noticed public hearings.  

The City Council will hold a public hearing to adopt the Mitigated Negative Declaration on November 19, 2018 at the City Hall Council Chambers, 501 Primrose Road, at 7:00 pm.

City Council approves Pavilions Conceptual Design - Updated 7/3/18

At the 7/2/18 City Council meeting, Group 4 Architects presented the final vote from the community survey and outreach regarding the the Mission Style vs. Pavilions conceptual design for the new Community Center. The City Council chose the Pavilions design. Click here to see the slides from the meeting.
Click here to read the staff report.
Click here to view the City Council meeting video.

The next steps for the Community Center are as follows:
Schematic Design:  July – October 2018

  • 15% Construction Documents
  • Refine Design and Select Building Systems
  • Develop Material and Color Palette
  • Technical Meetings Round 2 - Planning, Building, Fire, Police (August)
  • City Council Study Session (September)
  • Planning and Parks and Recreation Commission (August/September)
  • Integrated Design Workshop (September)
  • City Council Presentation (November 5)
Design Development: November 2018- March 2019   
  • 30% Construction Documents
Construction Documents:  April – September 2019   
  • 60%, 90% & Plan Check
Bid and Award:  September – December 2019

Construction:  January 2020 – December 2021   

Community Center Conceptual Design Update to Parks & Recreation Commission - Updated 6/21/18

- Parks & Recreation Director Margaret Glomstad and Group 4 Architects updated the Parks & Recreation with a similar update as provided to City Council on 6/18/18.
The slides from the Parks & Recreation Commission meeting are here. 
For a link to the staff report and supporting documents click here. 

Community Center Conceptual Plan  City Council Update -  Updated 6/19/18

Staff and Group 4 Architects updated the City Council about the development of the conceptual plan options, Mission and Pavilions, for the new Community Center. Since the March 19 meeting, the project team has updated the project scope and design to incorporate: 

To read the staff report from the 6/18/18 City Council meeting click here. To see the slides from the meeting click here.

Staff will return to the City Council at the July 2 Council meeting to provide additional updated project information and seek direction on the preferred Conceptual Design option. 

Community Center Conceptual Plan Study Session with City Council -  Updated 3/20/18

Due to the successful passage of Measure I, staff is seeking direction from the City Council regarding the next steps in the Community Center Conceptual Design. During the study session, staff presented a Power Point to review the following questions (the City Council's answers as presented at the meeting are in italics): 

1. What is the preferred parking option?  - Under the building parking. 

2. Should the scope of the project as described in the cost reduction strategies above be revised? If so, in what way? The scope would include a full-court basketball court - but would be focused on the east side of the Lions Club.

3.Does the Council wish to keep the current conceptual design or revise it? If the Council wishes to revise the design, what is the Council interested in seeing? The City Council would like to see renderings of the Pavilions in the Park Design to compare with the traditionally inspired option. Once developed, these options will be shown to the community via panels at the Library, Recreation Center, via social media and the eNews for community input. The City Council will then review the input and design options in a future study session at their June 18, 2018 meeting . Final direction on the conceptual design will be brought to  the City Council at their July 2, 2018 meeting.

4. Should sustainability features remain in the design? If so, is LEED Gold appropriate, or is the Council interested in a lower (Certified or Silver) or higher (Platinum) certification level or the building achieving zero net energy?The City Council is interested in pursuing Zero Net Energy for this project.

5. What is the recommended maximum budget for this project? $40,000,000

Click here to see the staff report of the study session. 

Click here to see the Burlingame Community Center Conceptual Design Executive Report 

To view the video of the study session, click here.

Community Center Conceptual Plan Updated 4/28/16

Click here to see the conceptual plan designs for the 1st Floor. 

Click here to the the conceptual plan designs for the 2nd Floor. 

4/20/16 - The Community Advisory Committee met on April 20, 2016 to discuss parking, including mitigation strategies. They also viewed exterior and interior vignettes of the proposed Community Center. Discussion about the park-facing exterior included incorporating fire pits and an outdoor focal point. Finally, Group 4 Architecture showed color palette slides for materiality inspiration.  The powerpoint from the meeting is here. Next steps include renderings images for public outreach and a final presentation of the conceptual design to the City Council in the Fall of 2016.

4/15/16 - Group 4 Architecture and Burlingame Parks & Recreation Staff attended the Traffic, Safety & Parking Commission meeting on 4/14/16 to present the completed traffic study, and to seek input regarding the following:  

  • Parking options
  • The impact of construction on parking
  • Phasing options for the proposed Community Center project. 
 The slides that were presented are here. TSPC Commissioners offered suggestions including seeking options for bike and pedestrian access. Overall, the commission favored the underground parking option yet offered suggestions if both parking option A and B are considered, including looking at permitting for the lot under the tennis courts and/or seeking meters for the tennis court lot to offset the cost of added parking. Additionally, Commissioners expressed interest in the tennis court parking area to be used as an option for downtown parking. The meeting minutes will be posted here when available.  Stay tuned for an update after the CAC meets on 4/20/16.

8/25/15 - At the August 24 Planning Commission meeting, Group 4 Architecture and Parks & Recreation Staff sought input from the Planning Commission regarding the conceptual design of the Community Center. Their feedback will be used to guide and refine the conceptual design. Click here for the staff report. 
Click here for the slides.

The next step in the conceptual design process will include a traffic study and a visit to the Traffic, Safety and Parking Commission. Check back for more information including specific meeting dates and times.

8/17/15 - Group 4 Architecture and Parks & Recreation Staff conducted a City Council Study Session to seek input from the City Council on the conceptual design Options A and B (B1 and B2). Council’s comments and preferences on the various options will be used to help refine and develop the conceptual design, which will be brought back for Council’s consideration in the new year. Click here to see the slides and exhibitsClick here to see the staff report.

6/19/15 - At the 6.18.15 Parks & Recreation Commission meeting, Group 4 Architecture presented the Conceptual Design plan progress to date. Their presentation included community outreach updates, an annotated building floor plan review and finally, an interactive component to gather community input/prioritization on preferred design elements and conceptual options. Click here to see the slideshow. Prior to this meeting, Director of Parks & Recreation, Margaret Glomstad sent a letter inviting the neighbors to give input and participate in the discussion about the new Community Center. Next steps include a City Council Study Session on August 17 at 6pm and the Planning Commission Meeting on August 25 at 7pm.

6/10/15 - The second round of outreach for the Community Center Conceptual Design Plan began in late May! Residents viewed the modified bubble diagram of the interior program, renderings of the conceptual design and gave input to exterior design elements at the following events:

May 30 - Community Open House @ Washington Park, 10am-2pm
May 31 - Community Kiosk @ The Fresh Market, 9am-1:30pm

Do you want more information? Join us at the June 18 Parks & Recreation Commission at 7pm. 

The City Council Study Session originally scheduled for June 15, and the Planning Commission Study Session have been postponed until August to allow Group 4 ample time to refine and present three conceptual design options to the community for input. Keep an eye on the eNews or this website for more information. 

5/26/15 - On Wednesday, May 20 the Burlingame Community Center Conceptual Design Plan CAC (Citizens Advisory Committee) met, along with Parks & Recreation Staff and Group 4 Architecture to review the results of our 1st Round of community outreach, view the updated bubble diagram, and offer input and feedback regarding the preliminary conceptual design options.  

Round 1 of community outreach included the following:
  • March 19th: Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting, 7pm
  • March 21st: Community Open House @ Washington Park, 10am-2pm
  • March 22nd: Community Kiosk @ Farmers Market, 9am-1:30pm
  • Week of May 4th – Lunchtime Kiosks at BHS and BIS – Teen/Youth Specific Outreach
The results of the Round 1 design value surveys and dot exercises are viewable here
Additionally, Group 4 presented an update to the bubble diagram including slight modifications to the program. View the bubble diagram here.
Finally, based on feedback from Round 1 of our community outreach, Group 4 rendered four preliminary conceptual design options for suggestions and feedback from the CAC.
The next steps include the following events for our second round of community outreach:

  • May 30th: Community Open House @ Washington Park, 10am-2pm
  • May 31st: Community Kiosk @ Farmers Market, 9am-1:30pm
  • June 18th: Parks & Recreation Commission – Public Meeting, 7pm
The City Council Study Session originally scheduled for June 15, and the Planning Commission Study Session have been postponed until August to allow Group 4 ample time to refine and present three conceptual design options to the community for input. 

5/7/15 - In another round of community outreach, Group 4 and Recreation Staff went to Burlingame High School & BIS during lunch to gather feedback regarding design values and program options for the new Burlingame Community Center. Over 500 surveys were collected and students were enthusiastic about this exciting project and the potential opportunities for Burlingame teens that the new building could provide. Click here to see the fun survey they completed.

3/17/15 - The CAC (Citizens Advisory Committee) met on 3/25/15 to review and provide input regarding the new Community Center's bubble diagram and program options. They also participated it the design values exercise that the community participated in on at the Parks & Rec. Commission meeting, Community Open House and Fresh Market in the past week. 

Click here to view the presentation to the CAC.  
3/18/15- If you can't make the Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting on 3/19/15, here are some additional upcoming options for community input on the Conceptual Design Plan.

Community Open House
When: Saturday, March 21, 2015, 10:00AM-2:00 PM
Where: Washington Park, 850 Burlingame Avenue

Community Outreach at the Fresh Market
When: Sunday, March 22, 2015, 9:30AM-1:30 PM
Where: Park Road and Burlingame Avenue or click here to view the presentation to Commission.

3/11/15 - The Burlingame Community Center Conceptual Design Phase is well underway, and the March 19th Parks & Recreation Commission kicks off the first round of public outreach for the project. The meeting presentation will cover four subject areas:

1. Review and summarize the site and building goals and objectives identified in the Master Plan phase
2. Review and discuss the updated and refined building program option 
3. Review and provide input on design value images, which illustrate architectural styles, massing strategies, design strategies 

The design consultant and Project Management Team (PMT) is looking to collect feedback from Commission members and the general public on the presented materials, and will prompt conversation through open discussion, prioritization exercises, and an online survey. Collected feedback and comments will guide project development in subsequent phases thereafter.  Come join us for this fun and interactive meeting!

Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting
When: Thursday, March 19, 2015, 7:00 PM
Where: Burlingame Recreation Center, 850 Burlingame Ave 

1/22/15 - On January 21st the CAC met and officially kicked off the Conceptual Design phase for the new Community Center. The CAC reviewed the updated project schedule and made suggestions for potential outreach opportunities including attending meetings such as the BMC (Burlingame Mother's Club), Lions Club, Rotary, the Newcomers Club and the BIS Spring Fling in addition to the scheduled opportunities for input. The CAC also viewed the Master Plan's building program and precedent design spaces and offered input to assist Group 4 Architects as they move forward with developing two building options. 

Upcoming Burlingame Conceptual Design Plan Meetings/Outreach/Study Sessions:
March 19th: Parks & Recreation Commission – Public Hearing/Meeting, 7pm
March 21st: Community Open House @ Washington Park, 10am-2pm
March 22nd: Community Kiosk @ Farmers Market, 9am-1:30pm"
May 21st: BIS Open House
May 30th: Community Open House @ Washington Park – 10am-2pm
May 31st: Community Kiosk @ Farmers Market, 9am-1:30pm
June 15th: City Council Study Session - TBA
June 18th: Parks & Recreation Commission – Public Hearing/Meeting, 7pm
June 22nd: Planning Commission Study Session - 7pm

We want your input! If you can't make one of the upcoming opportunities for input, check this site in March for a link to the community survey!

1/20/15  - On January 15, 2015, the PMT (Project Management Team) met to discuss and outline the exciting upcoming plan for community input regarding the Conceptual Design Plan for the new Community Center.  January 21 will be the next CAC meeting. Future opportunities to see the progress and provide input with be at the March 19, 2015 Parks & Recreation Commission meeting. The PMT will also have a survey coming out in March and kiosk displays available for input at future Fresh Market's and other events such as Street's Alive on Sunday, May 3 and at all the Music in the Park Concerts on Sundays in July this summer. Click here to see the updated project schedule. Check this website often for updates and specific dates to give input!

11/26/14 - The Burlingame Community Center’s Master Plan has been approved by City Council, and the reformed CAC (Citizen’s Advisory Committee) met November 5, 2014 and welcomed some new members to the committee. The goal of this meeting was to summarize the Master Plan objectives and to identify the next steps. These steps include conceptual design options, a detailed building program and CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) Entitlements. Additionally, the project management team will meet in mid-December and another CAC meeting will occur in late January. More community outreach will also follow in the coming months. Stay tuned!

7/8/14 - On July 7, 2014 the Burlingame City Council reviewed the Master Plan Executive Summary and approved the Burlingame Community Center Master Plan Design. Click here for the Burlingame Community Center Master Plan slides from the Council Meeting.

The next steps in the process of designing the new Burlingame Community Center are twofold. One option would be to begin the Conceptual Design phase. This phase would include a more detailed building and site design, as well as building program. Another direction would be to begin the process of determining the funding options for the new building. These steps could take place concurrently. Ongoing community participation would be key to these phases in order to build upon the Burlingame Community Center Master Design Plan included within the Executive Summary. Keep checking this site for updates on this exciting project.

6/26/14 - On Tuesday, May 20, 2014 Group 4 Architecture met with the Burlingame Community Center Master Plan Citizen’s Advisory Committee to discuss and confirm the final recommendations for the Master Plan. 
Among the reviewed and approved options were the following: 
  1. Building Location
  2. Parking Location & Strategies
  3. Tennis & Basketball Court Location Options
  4. Playground Location Options 
  5. Promenade Design Options.
Group 4 will be presenting the refined Burlingame Community Center Master Plan to the Burlingame City Council on Monday, July 7 at 7pm for comment and review. 
If you are interested in this exciting project, please join us at the City Council meeting. 
If you can’t make the meeting, you can view the video after the meeting here.

4/16/14 - Were you too busy to make it to the Burlingame Planning Commission meeting to see the latest on the Master Plan? No problem! You can view a video of the Burlingame Community Center Master Plan presentation here (under study items.) Or you can click here for a copy of the presentation. Join the Group 4 Architects at Streets Alive on Sunday, May 4 from 9am-1pm at the Fresh Market where they will be seeking input from the community on site and building orientation, parking options, playground placement & more! 

4/9/14 - Join the Burlingame Community Center Master Plan Project Management Team for a study session with the Burlingame Planning Commission on Monday, April 14 at 7:00pm in the Council Chambers. Group 4 Architecture will present options to the Planning Commission for discussion, review and input including the following: site & building options, building orientation, the promenade, playground placement, tennis and basketball court placement. This should be an informative meeting!

3/28/14 - On Saturday, March 15 Margaret Glomstad, Parks & Recreation Director spent the day at BYBA opening day with the latest display boards for the Burlingame Master Plan. Additionally, she had a flier including the Master Plan FAQs and Timeline which can be viewed here. The next step is a public meeting with the Planning Commission on Monday, April 14, 7:00pm in the City Council Chambers. Come join us to find out more about this great project!

2/25/14 - Dawn Merkes from Group 4 Architecture came to the Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting on 2/20/14 and presented the latest update regarding the Burlingame Community Center Master Plan. Her presentation included an interactive component to gather input from the Commission and the audience. To view the most recent presentation, click here. The next steps are another community outreach opportunity at the Fresh Market and more input from the Planning Commission. Check back for specific dates for these important meetings.2/18/14- Exciting progress is being made with the Burlingame Community Center Master Plan. The CAC (Citizens Advisory Committee) met on 2/12/14 and helped identify both the preferred program and site option based on input from the community. Input was gathered at the Fresh Market, from the Recreation Center display and from the online survey. Additionally, the CAC discussed a parking space formula of 3.2 cars/1000sf of building based on the recommendation from Public Works staff and current ITE parking strategies. 
Do you want to see and hear the latest on this exciting project? Come to the Parks & Recreation Commission meeting this Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 7pm at the Recreation Center. Architect Dawn Merkes from Group 4 will be there to present an update and answer questions. Also keep checking this website for upcoming meetings and information.

11/27/13 - Have you heard about the Burlingame Community Center Master Plan but aren’t sure what it all means? Stop by the Recreation Center lobby and complete our “self-guided survey” of the Community Center Master Plan project. Provide your input regarding site location, program options, and parking strategies. Ask our front office staff for an introduction and some “dots” to indicate your preferences. We want your input! Can’t find the time to stop by? Click here to see a pdf of the tour. Questions or comments? Call the Recreation Center at 558-7300 for more information.

10/3/13 - The Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) for the Burlingame Community Center Master Plan met on 9.10.13 and discussed program options, site locations and parking. Many good suggestions were discussed and the CAC provided guidance and direction to Group 4 Architecture.
Additionally, the first Master Plan Community Meeting took place at the Recreation Center on 9/18/13.  Several community members attended and again discussed program options, parking options and site locations. Group 4 Architects led small groups through a “dot exercise” to allow the community to provide input regarding the proposed options. Check out the slideshow from the presentation here.

Finally, Group 4 Architecture will be attending the Burlingame Fresh Market on Sunday, October 13 from 9:00am-1:30pm. If you would like to give your input and see our pictorial kiosk, stop by their booth!

8/28/13 - Have you seen our Burlingame Community Center Master Plan pictorial kiosk? Burlingame Parks & Recreation Staff have been working hard to seek community input and inform the public about the Community Center Master Plan project. We have brought the kiosk to the following events: 

  1. Music in the Park – J Lot – Friday, June 28, Sundays, July 7, July 14, July 21, July 28
  2.  Burlingame ArtzFest- Saturday & Sunday, August 3 & 4 
  3.  Family Campout and Movie in the Park – Friday, August 23.
If you haven’t had a chance to take a look and provide your input, it is not too late! Here are future opportunities: 

  1. Movie in the Park – Friday, September 6 from 8-10pm in Washington Park
  2.  Fresh Market – Sunday, September 15 from 9:00am-1:30pm (Burlingame Avenue at Park Road)
  3.  Stop by Burlingame Rec. Center, 850 Burl. Avenue – the kiosk is on display in the entry hall.
Finally, mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 18 at 7:00pm for the Community Center Master Plan Meeting where Group 4 Architecture will summarize the input from all our focus group meetings and community surveys and review program opportunities. The meeting will take place at the Recreation Center, 850 Burlingame Avenue. We hope to see you there!

6/26/13 - The Master Plan Committee has been busy working hard to gather input from the community to guide the plan for a new Community Center!
On April 16, Group 4 Architecture Firm and Parks & Recreation Staff met with a focus group directed at the needs of Burlingame teens. Thirteen Burlingame teens participated in a brainstorming and creative activity to identify and prioritize key elements they would like to see in a new Community Center. Additionally, on Friday, May 1, members of the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), Parks & Recreation Staff and Group 4 Architecture completed a facility tour of local community centers to personally see what features our neighboring communities have incorporated in their facilities and Master Plan. Also, the CAC and Group 4 have developed a survey to gather more information and identify what our public prioritizes. All of this essential information will provide a valuable lens to guide our Master Plan Project.
The next steps include a final focus group in July with members of the business community and other interested community members. Additionally, Group 4 has developed a pictorial kiosk that will be displayed in the Recreation Center lobby and brought to our Music Concerts on Friday, June 28, and every Sunday afternoon in July. Finally, the CAC will meet again September 10 and we will hold a Community Meeting on September 18 at 7pm to roll out some design options based on the valuable input and ideas we have gathered to date.

If you haven’t joined us for a meeting yet, consider filling out our survey, attending our focus group meeting or stopping by one of our concerts to discuss the project with our staff! We want your input!

If you are interested in joining us for this exciting and dynamic process of imagining a potential new Burlingame Community Center, please contact Joleen Helley, Administrative Secretary at 558-7300 or

4/9/13 - The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) for the Burlingame Recreation Center Master Plan met on 3/13/13 to examine the existing facility needs as well as analyze the Washington Park Site. The role of the CAC is to advise on community outreach, act as steering committee, and serve as ambassadors to the community at large regarding the Master Plan project.
The next steps include a Focus Group for Teens on April 16 at the Recreation Center and a CAC Facility Tour of neighboring community centers on Friday, May 3.
If you are interested in joining us for this exciting and dynamic process of imagining a potential new Burlingame Community Center, please contact Joleen Helley, Administrative Secretary at 558-7300 or

2/28/13 - The Burlingame Parks & Recreation Department has officially kicked off the beginning of an extensive journey to imagine a new Burlingame Community Center! On Wednesday, February 27, Group 4 Architecture and Burlingame Recreation Staff met with three specific focus groups to assess the current Recreation Center site, share ideas, concerns, and gather information. These initial groups represented the following areas: “Burlingame Senior Citizens”, “The Lions Club” and “Neighbors of the Recreation Center”. Each group was an active participant in the brainstorming exercise and provided a valuable lens to guide our Master Plan Project.
The next steps include a Community Advisory Committee meeting on March 13, 2013 and more focus group meetings coming later this spring.
If you are interested in joining us for this exciting and dynamic process of imagining a potential new Burlingame Community Center, please contact Joleen Helley, Administrative Secretary at 558-7300 or

1/29/13 - The project management team (PMT) is excited to begin the first phase of the community outreach which will include focus group meetings. Each focus group meeting will work to identify the needs and concerns of a specific group of community members. The meetings will be interactive discussions designed to encourage participants to share their preferences, provide information and share their insights about the community with the planning team. The focus groups will have approximately 18-25 participants and will be by invitation. Participants will need to commit approximately 2 hours to participate in a focus group meeting. The proposed list of focus groups is the following:
  1. Seniors
  2. Teens
  3. Neighbors
  4. Families with pre-school aged children
  5. School-age parents/PTA/School educators
In addition to the focus groups and community meetings, the PMT will also be interviewing, either by phone or in person, key stakeholders in the community to gain a further understanding of the community needs and interests.
If you are interested in participating in one of the focus groups listed above, please provide your contact information and focus group interest to Joleen Helley at 650-558-7323 or before February 8, 2013.
We anticipate this phase will begin in February and continue through April 2013. In addition to the outreach being conducted during the needs assessment phase of the project, we will also have broader community meetings in May/June and in September in which the entire community can participate.
We are excited to move forward with the next phase of the Community Center Master Plan and appreciate your participation.
More updates to come…. WE WANT YOU TO PARTICIPATE!

1/13/13 - Exciting times are coming to Burlingame. The Burlingame Parks and Recreation Department is pleased to announce it has been asked by the City Council to work on a Community Center Master Plan. The current Recreation Center building was built in about 1948 as a dedication memorial to those who gave their lives in WWII. Over the years it has been remodeled, expanded and repaired many times.  The goal is to develop a planning concept for a community center that will meet the needs of all members of all ages of the Burlingame community that will have a useful life well into the future.

The process will involve working with a professional consulting firm, community members and City staff. It will include several community and stakeholder meetings to identify facility and site needs and conclude with a final written report with a summary of the study findings, process and recommendations to the City Council. It is anticipated the community meetings will begin in January 2013 and the process will end 7-8 months later.

The Park and Recreation Department is looking for dedicated community members who are interested in being part of the process. If you would be interested in participating, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 650-558-7300 and ask to be added to the Burlingame Community Center email notification list.
“Burlingame Parks & Recreation Department is creating a better community in which to live and play through quality recreational environments, enriching opportunities, and empowering people.”

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