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Field Condition Line
- 650-558-7319. Please call this information line to find out if an athletic field is playable when wet weather occurs. Field conditions are updated at 2pm M-F. When fields are closed, they will be marked with signs. 

Field Closures - All natural turf athletic fields are closed during December, January and February. This closure is to give the fields a rest, as well as prevent damage to the fields during wet weather. Other field closures may occur for maintenance needs.

Rules and Regulations - For a complete set of the Rules & Regulations pertaining to City Parks, see the Municipal Code here
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Please pick-up all dog poop.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the athletic fields.
  • No smoking allowed within 20 feet of all athletic fields, playgrounds or courts (basketball, tennis, etc.)
  • Personal Barbeques with grills up to 23" in maximum diameter are permitted to be used in City Parks on paved surfaces allowing for 4’ of paved area. Barbecues are not permitted on grass, areas covered with bark chips or within 20’ of playgrounds. Barbeques must be supervised and have a cover that can be used to suppress flames. Propane tanks, charcoal or wood must be taken off premises. Combustible fluids used to help start fire are not allowed at any time. Private barbeques are not permitted on Murray Field (Upper Bayside), Mills Canyon or Shorebird Sanctuary.
  • No alcohol allowed.
  • When baseball and softball fields have been dragged and lined for a game they are closed.
  • Using City of Burlingame facilities for private business, i.e. lessons, is prohibited. Any and all exceptions require the approval of the Parks and Recreation Director.
Allocation Priority
  1. Burlingame Parks and Recreation Department
  2. All programs and activities offered/sponsored by a school district that has a joint use agreement with the City of Burlingame.
  3. Youth non-profit organizations with preference been given to in season sports as determined by the City of Burlingame’s prevailing practice.
  4. Allocation will be based on the percentage of each group’s residents from the previous year of the total residents applying for field use for the upcoming season. 
  5. Adult non-profit organizations.
  6. For-profit groups or outside field rentals. The City of Burlingame also coordinates the field use of the Burlingame School District fields. School activities have priority on their fields.
“Burlingame Parks & Recreation Department is creating a better community in which to live and play through quality recreational environments, enriching opportunities, and empowering people.”

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