Parks & Recreation Commission

Burlingame Parks & Recreation Commission
Burlingame Community Center
850 Burlingame Avenue
Burlingame, CA 94010

Meets the 3rd Thursday, 7:00 p.m. Commission meetings are held in person and on Zoom.  Click on the agendas & minutes link to find the Zoom link and view the current agenda. 

Appointed to a 3-year term

Parks & Recreation Commissioner Duties 
3.32.050 Powers and duties.

Subject to the approval of the city council, the parks and recreation commission shall:

(a) Act in an advisory capacity to the city council, the city manager, the director of parks and recreation, in all matters of public parks and recreation, and to cooperate with other governmental agencies and with civic groups in the advancement of sound recreation planning and programming;

(b) Recommend policies on recreation and park service for approval of the city council;

(c) Advise the director of parks and recreation on problems of development of recreation areas, facilities, programs and improved recreation services;

(d) Recommend the adoption of standards on areas, facilities, programs and financial support;

(e) Make or cause to be made, periodic inventories of parks and recreation services that exist or may be needed;

(f) Aid in coordinating the parks and recreation service with the programs of other governmental agencies and of voluntary organizations;

(g) Review the effectiveness of the parks and recreation programs with the director of parks and recreation;

(h) Interpret the policies of the city and the functions of the parks and recreation department to the public;

(i) Make studies and recommend rules and regulations for adoption by the city council for the use and enjoyment of all public parks and recreational facilities, and particularly of specific recreational facilities, including, but not limited to, playgrounds, play fields, recreational centers, swimming pools, ball diamonds, basketball courts, golf facilities, boating areas and such other recreational areas and facilities as may require regulation from time to time;

(j) Review the annual budget of the parks and recreation department before presentation to the city manager and make recommendations thereto to the city council and the city manager and, in the case of capital improvements, also to the planning commission.

(k) Consider the issues and needs of the senior population of the city in recommending programs, policies, and facilities. (Ord. 883 § 2 (part), (1968); Ord. 1049 § 5, (1975); Ord. 1637 § 22 (part), (2000); Ord. 1655 § 5, (2001))

First Name Last Name Title Email
Ian Milne Chair, Parks & Recreation Commissioner
Dale Chang Vice Chair, Parks & Recreation Commissioner
Cherie Yu Parks & Recreation Commissioner
Leslie Holzman Parks & Recreation Commissioner
John Brunello Parks & Recreation Commissioner
Andrea Pappajohn Parks & Recreation Commissioner
Howard Wettan Parks & Recreation Commissioner
“Burlingame Parks & Recreation Department is creating a better community in which to live and play through quality recreational environments, enriching opportunities, and empowering people.”

850 Burlingame Avenue, Burlingame, CA 94010
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