Please Help Us Keep Downtown Attractive

The City is aware of all your efforts to keep the Burlingame Avenue Business District clean and appreciates your efforts to make Burlingame Avenue a more vibrant downtown for residents and shoppers. The City Council and staff would like to thank the Downtown Burlingame Business Improvement District (DBBID) for proactively partnering with the City in making sure the Burlingame downtown area remains clean and safe for customers and residents.

In support of the businesses, the City will continue to use the Scrubber machine for sidewalk cleaning each week. While the City is doing what it can to help clean the sidewalks, we hope that you will join in a partnership to continue to keep the sidewalk in front of your business or property clean. This can include daily sweeping, preventing litter from entering the gutter, washing or mopping of the sidewalk (no water running down the gutter please), and spot cleaning of spills. For your efforts, the City would like to provide some suggestions that can help:

  1. Please use cold or warm water and a soft scrub or a mop, to clean the sidewalk, benches, planters, light poles, etc. Please avoid using detergent soap as it may flow into the storm drain, contaminating the Bay.
  2. Simple Green cleaning products http://simplegreen.com/ used with warm water and a mop can help effectively keep your sidewalk clean. Just make sure to mop the area dry and avoid leaving water residue. Please do not dispose of used wash water down the storm drain.
  3. Please avoid using sharp instruments to remove gum and other sticky materials as the sharp instrument may chip or damage the sidewalk pavers. A putty knife is a great tool for gum or stickers removal.
  4. If a large spill appears in front of several businesses, please contact the City Corporation Yard at 650-558-7670, and a cleaning crew will be dispatched at the first opportunity to clean the area.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding maintenance and cleaning, please contact the Street Supervisor at 650-558-7672.  

Thank you for all you do in keeping Burlingame Avenue clean and attractive.

City of Burlingame
Community Development Department
Economic Development Division