Traffic, Safety and Parking Commission

Meets: 2nd Thursday, Online via Zoom, 7:00 p.m.

What does TSPC do? The Traffic, Safety and Parking Commission’s duty, under direction and/or specific request from the City Council, is to provide the general public with a citizen’s forum for which to discuss matters pertaining to traffic, parking, and pedestrian safety in the City of Burlingame. The Commission will serve as the City’s first-line source for the public to openly discuss traffic, parking, and pedestrian safety concerns. When so tasked by the City Council, the Commission shall have the authority to hold public hearings and provide recommendations back to the City Council. The Public Works – Engineering and Police staff shall be responsible for providing written staff reports to the Commission, when necessary. City staff is responsible for setting agenda items, and will work in coordination with the Chair to facilitate an effective and productive meeting.

TSPC Commissioner Members - Email the Commission
Chair: Lynn Israelit
Vice Chair: Athan Rebelos
Commissioners: Adrienne Leigh, Prentice Ng, and John Martos

TSPC Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee