Ann O'Brien Keighran

Ann Keighran  E-mail:   akeighran@burlingame.org
Term expires November 2022 

Ann O'Brien Keighran has been a resident of Burlingame for over 40 years.  She worked as a registered nurse at Sequoia Hospital for nine years.  Additionally, she has worked as a clinical instructor at the College of San Mateo and the University of San Francisco.  Currently, she works as a legislative aid for San Mateo County Supervisor David J. Canepa, representing North San Mateo County.

Ann O'Brien Keighran was first elected in November 2005 and is now serving as Mayor for the fourth time.  Her current duties include:
  • Advanced Life Services JPA
  • Emergency Services Council
  • Specific Plan for Rollins Road
  • City/Schools Liaison Committee
  • Parks Master Plan Committee 
Previously, she was a member of the Community Center Master Plan Advisory Committee and played an active role in developing and implementing the Downtown Plan.  In 2006, Ann created the Downtown Business District Cleanup Committee which implements various projects throughout the year to beautify the City's downtown.  In 2007,  Ann assisted in establishing the Economic Subcommittee.  She played an active role on the Economic Subcommittee for six years and served again on this committee from 2019-2020.   Additionally, Ann was instrumental in the 2010 Safeway project and served on the subcommittee that planned the 2014 Burlingame Avenue Streetscape.

On behalf of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, Ann participated in the first-ever Countywide Blue Ribbon Task Force on Adult Health Care Coverage Expansion.  This organization established recommendations to ensure health care access to those with the most need in the community.  

Ann has continued to work with the Broadway merchants and the City Chamber of Commerce to improve the vitality of Broadway.  She worked with the Chamber to establish concierge tours for both business downtown districts twice a year.  This program educates the concierges about the various businesses which exist in Burlingame and encourages them to promote local businesses in Burlingame.

Previously, Ann served as Planning Commission for 7 1/2 years and was the Chair of the Commission in 2002.  Additionally, she served a number of the Planning Commission's subcommittees.  Her involvement on the Neighborhood Consistency Subcommittee was instrumental in implementing design review and evaluating ongoing development of an effective architectural review process for the City of Burlingame.

Ann is the mother of two daughters, Kerry and Kate Rose.  She served on OLA's Mothers Club Board from 2003-2005 as the board's Financial Secretary.  Additionally, she was involved for approximately sixteen years, volunteer in OLA's classrooms, library and health room, coached basketball, and assisted in various fundraising events such as the Fun Faire and Dinner Auction.

Ann's focus is to ensure that Burlingame will be a great place today and for future generations to come.  Her focus is also to ensure that Burlingame maintains its character and charm so that our residents and businesses remain in our City.