Water Use Restrictions

Save Our Water Tips-FB-IG-English-RunoffWinter rains have brought much needed relief to California. While most of the state is no longer in a drought, the State's Emergency Drought Proclamation is still in effect and the following water use restriction will be enforced: 

  • Prohibit the use of potable water for the irrigation of "non-functional turf" at large commercial, industrial, and institutional sites. "Non-functional turf" is defined as turf that is solely ornamental and not regularly used for human recreational purposes or for civic or community events. Non-functional turf does not include sports fields, residential lawns, parks, and irrigation as necessary to ensure the health of trees and other perennial non-turf plantings, or to the extent necessary to address an immediate health and safety need.

Wasteful Water Use Restrictions Ordinance

The City has a Wasteful Water Use Restrictions ordinance which targets and prohibits wasteful water use actions. The following uses of potable water are prohibited at all times:
  • Use of a hose without a positive shut-off nozzle.
  • Use of water for cleaning, filling, or operating non-recirculating, decorative water fountains.
  • Use of water to irrigate outdoor plants, lawn, grass, landscaping or turf areas during and within 24 hours after measurable rainfall.
  • Use of potable water to irrigate street medians containing ornamental turf.
  • Use of broken or defective plumbing, sprinkler, watering, or irrigation systems.
  • Use in new, added, or altered car wash equipment unless a recirculating water system is incorporated.
  • To promote conservation, hotels and motels shall provide guests with the option of choosing not to have towels and linens laundered daily and display notice of this option in guestrooms.
  Interested in learning how to get rid of your turf lawn and turn it into a native garden? Or maybe you want to learn how to detect leaks on your irrigation system. Watch previous recordings of landscape workshops hosted by Bay Area water suppliers.  

Report Water Waste and Help Conserve Water in Our Community:
  1. Call our Water Conservation Hotline at 650-558-7612,
  2. Email us at WaterConservation@burlingame.org, or
  3. Report it online at AccessBurlingame.