Water Conservation

Programs and Free Resources

Burlingame residents and property owners are eligible for a range of programs and rebates that support water conservation.

toilet rain barrel gardening class

High-Efficient Toilet Rebate

When was the last time you 
replaced your toilet? If it has 
been over 20 years, then you 
could be eligible for a $100 
rebate! Rebate is valid
only for toilets that use
1.06 gpf or less. 
Visit BAWSCA for details.

Rainwater Harvesting

Don't let good water go to waste! 
Capture rainwater to water your 
plants and save up to $100 off a
qualifying barrel (limit 2 per
single-family account or 4 per
multifamily/commercial). Visit 
BAWSCA for more details.

Free Landscape Classes

Learn how to garden beautifully 
while reducing your water use.  
For a list of available classes in
San Mateo County, visit:
turf replacement Home Energy and Water Saving Toolkit  
Turf Replacement Program

Convert your water-intensive turf
lawn into a beautiful, native, and
drought-tolerant garden. Receive
up to $2 per square foot of removed
and replaced turf (up to $2,000). 
For more information about this
program,  visit

Free Water Conservation Devices

Visit the Burlingame Public Library
to borrow the Check-It-Out
Home Energy & Water Saving Toolkit.  
This toolkit provides free resources
to perform a basic assessment of the
efficiency of your home energy and
water use. To check out what comes 
in the toolkit, visit
San Mateo County Energy Watch.


Report Water Waste and Help Conserve Water in Our Community:

  1. Call our Water Conservation Hotline at 650-558-7612,
  2. Email us at WaterConservation@burlingame.org, or
  3. Report it online at AccessBurlingame.

Report a Water Emergency
For emergencies, such as a broken water main or hydrant, please contact the Public Works Corporation Yard at 650-558-7670 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. After hours, call the Burlingame Police Department at 650-692-0604.