Storm Drain Murals Project

StoryMapThumbnailStorm drains are the entryway to our local creeks and the San Francisco Bay. Every time it rains, pollutants (such as litter, pet waste, sediment, pesticides, motor oil, and other urban chemicals) flow into our storm drains which connect directly to our waterways. By creating art murals, you can help raise awareness that stormwater is not treated so everything that goes down a storm drain will reach the San Francisco Bay. Together, we can improve water quality and make sure that only rain goes down the drain. 

About this Project
The City of Burlingame launched a new Storm Drain Murals Project and sought digital artwork for these murals. Since storm drains often go unnoticed, the murals provide a unique learning opportunity to educate the public about the importance of preventing litter, pet waste, and other waste water from entering these drains. 

Interested in launching your own storm drain art contest? Check out our Storm Drain Murals Handbook.

Mural Themes
When designing artwork, artists are encouraged to consider the following themes (exact phrases do not need to appear in the mural):
  • Water Quality: Clean Water Starts with You
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention: Only Rain Down the Drain
  • San Francisco Bay and Estuary: Keep It Clean We’re All Downstream

Contest Winners
Thank you to everyone who entered in our contest. 

Mural Locations
View these locations on our Storm Drain Murals Story Map.


For questions, contact Jennifer Lee at jlee@burlingame.org or call 650-558-7381. This pilot project is funded through a grant from the Pretreatment, Pollution Prevention, and Stormwater Committee of the California Water Environment Association.

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