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Adopt A Drain
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Last updated  2/7/2024

The Adopt a Drain Program is a program that enables anyone who lives, works, or spends time in Burlingame to “adopt” one of our 1,400+ storm drains by pledging to keep it free of litter and leaves. You may not realize it but these storm drains carry both untreated water and pollutants directly to our local creeks and the San Francisco Bay. That’s because leaves, cigarette butts, pet waste, and litter accumulate in our storm drains throughout the year. During the rainy season, stormwater flows into the drains and washes these pollutants into the Bay.

Adopt a Drain Steps


Step 1: Start by finding an available storm drain to adopt by using the Adopt a Drain map!

Step 2:
Complete the Volunteer Registration Form


For information or feedback regarding the Adopt a Drain program, email us at adoptadrain@burlingame.org or call 650-558-7381.