Stormwater Construction Pollution Prevention Permit

With few exceptions, any construction activity, from small projects including but not limited to excavation work on private property and on the public right-of-way, such as sidewalk, driveway, curb and gutter replacement to larger projects such as 1st or 2nd story additions, commercial additions, and projects greater than 10,000 sf, is subject to the Stormwater Construction Pollution Prevention Permit. The permittee shall comply and maintain the stormwater protection measures placed under this permit. Failure to place or maintain the measures pertaining to this permit will result in the suspension of all work on site.

Stormwater Construction Pollution Prevention Permit Application

Project Categories:

  • Small Projects - Any excavation work on private property, driveway approach, sidewalk, curb and gutter, under sidewalk drain, sewer lateral and cleanout improvements, utility or construction work not related to a building permit. 
  • Single-Family Housing Projects (Type I) - This category includes single family dwellings with 1st or 2nd floor additions on lots up to 10,000 SF. 
  • Multi-Family Housing or Commercial Building Projects (Type II) - This category includes multi-family dwellings or commercial additions (excluding tenant improvements) that are on lots up to 10,000 SF. 
  • Medium Size Projects (Type III) - These are any project on lot greater than 10,000 SF and up to an acre. 
  • Large Projects (Type IV) - These are any project on lots greater than one (1) acre or more. More information can be found here.