Special Encroachment Permit

The purpose of the Special Encroachment Permit Application is for constructing permanent and non-permanent fixtures within the City's right-of-way. Applicant shall submit plans for review by the Engineering Division, who will also perform field investigation and inspections. Plans must show, at a minimum, dimensions, locations, and heights of the encroachment. In addition to the standard fees, a right-of-way user fee will be charged if the public right-of-way encroachment is larger than 100 square feet. If application is approved, Engineering Staff will finalize the permit and file it with the County of San Mateo for recording.

  • Permanent Structures: Include fences, retaining walls, columns, gates, landscaping structures, or other unmovable fixtures.
  • Non-Permanent Structures: Include tables, chairs, flower pots, planter or other movable fixtures.