Encroachment Permit

Anyone working in the City right-of-way, such as street, sidewalk area, public easements, and utility easements, is required to obtain an Encroachment Permit prior to starting work.

Online Encroachment Permit Application  
- Provide your encroachment permit application via our new permit portal. 

Typical examples of the type of work requiring an encroachment permit includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sidewalk, driveway approach, curb and gutter repair or replacement
  • Curb drain installation or replacement
  • Sewer test, sewer lateral replacement and/or connection to City’s sewer main
  • Remove and replace utilities related to Building Permit for new residence or construction
  • Trenching, excavation, or openings in City right-of-way
  • Water or fire service installation or replacement
  • Traffic control and/or pedestrian protection
  • Underground utility and overheard utility work in the City right-of-way
  • Placing scaffolding in the City right-of-way
  • Moving trucks/vans, storage container(s) and debris box(es) in City right-of-way