City Standard Details

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 Title Sheets  Doc #  Last Rev 
 Typical Sanitary Sewer and Water Trench     1  G-10  2014
 Standard Sidewalk, Driveway, Curb & Gutter     3  SW-1  2008
 Standard Curb Drain     1  SW-2  2006
 Sewer Crossing Water Detail     1  SS-5  2006
 Sewer Manhole Standard Detail     4  SS-3  2006 
 Standard Sewer Lateral Connection     6  SS-1  2013
 Sewer Lateral Test, City Ordinance #1329     4  SS-2


 Water Division Specifications and Standard Drawings (Details)    pdf  2016
 Water Division Utility Construction Plan Notes    pdf  2013
 Typical Residential Water Service with Fire System     1 W-1780  2012