Taxi Cab Permit

The Burlingame Police Department takes pride in the City’s taxi cab licensing and inspection process. Taxicabs are inspected annually to ensure that they meet the standards set forth by city ordinance. Furthermore, each driver must be permitted to allow the driver to pick up a fare within the City of Burlingame while driving a certified taxicab.


Taxi Cabs that pick-up passengers in the City of Burlingame are required to have a permit. This permit is issued by our Traffic Bureau. We ensure that the basic safety features of a taxi are in good condition and the meters are calibrated correctly. This is done by requiring taxi companies have their taxis' brakes and lamps certified by a California Consumer Affairs certified mechanic. The meters are certified by Weights and Measures of San Mateo County. In addition to this, our traffic bureau inspects other safety features such as the seatbelts and tires of taxi cabs.

The Burlingame Police Department encourages taxi cab drivers and owners to report to the Traffic Sergeant (650-777-4100) any employee who solicits a fee or other compensation or favor for the purpose of granting preference or priority to any taxi.  When reporting any violation of this municipal code, your cooperation is needed for a successful investigation.  You may remain anonymous, but more specific information (hotel, employee name, etc.) is beneficial to the investigation.

Taxi Cab Driver/Operator Application

Taxi Cab Driver Flyer- Know Your Regulations