Special Events Permit

These rules and regulations shall apply to any temporary closing of any street, sidewalk, or city property in the City of Burlingame for the purpose of protecting the safety of the persons attending a special event such as a local celebration, bicycle race, running event (e.g. marathon, half marathon, 5K race, etc.) or movie production that is not sponsored or conducted by the City of Burlingame.


Any person may apply to the Police Department for such a permit to temporarily close any portion of a street, sidewalk, or city property. Such an application shall be made not less than three (3) weeks before the proposed closing on a form provided by the Police Department.

In a case where the event is deemed a major running event, an application shall be made not less than one (1) year before the proposed closing on a form provided by the police department. In addition, applicants will be required to hire a professional race event organizer to assist with their event. The race organizer must be approved by the police department and must be hired and involved in the planning at least nine (9) months prior to the date of the event. The race organizer shall be solely responsible for providing all of the needed supplies, including but not limited to: cones, barricades, safety equipment, reader boards, and sufficient employees/volunteers to maintain the race course.

A running event is deemed major based on factors such as the number of participants, the amount of roadway and sidewalk closures requested, the location of roadway and sidewalk closures (e.g. major thoroughfares, arterial roads, major business and/or shopping districts, etc.), the level of disruption to the community, the amount of city staff time required to assist in the event planning, etc.


The Police Department shall review the application and determine if it meets the standards set forth below. Based on this review, the application shall be approved, denied, or referred to council for consideration. Streets in the City of Burlingame may be temporarily closed for the following reasons only under Vehicle Code Section 21101 (e): 

                        • a local celebration 
                        • a residential block party; or 
                        • a special event, such as a bicycle race, art show, parade, or movie or television production

A street may be closed in a district zoned residential by the City zoning laws only when the application is accompanied by a petition bearing the signature of at least one occupant from 80 percent of the residences on the street to be closed. Petitions may also be required in commercial districts. No sound amplification equipment may be used in connection with any street closure in any district which will disturb the peace, except when used by City employees or officers for purposes of crowd control. 
No permit shall be granted for any event between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., and no permit shall be granted that shall close a street for more than ten hours at any one time. 

No permit for any street closure shall be granted without City Council approval if the Police Department determines that the closure requested will substantially interfere with the conduct of a considerable number of residents or businesses on the street or streets to be closed or if the closure would result in a significant disruption of the orderly and efficient flow of traffic through any portion of the City of Burlingame. No permit shall be granted when the closure would result in denying prompt access to an area or location by emergency vehicles. 

Wherever appropriate, the City Public Works Department will require the applicant to erect barricades according to city specifications to close off a street or area for public safety. The person or persons making application shall be responsible for placing and dismantling all barricades. All barricades shall be removed within one-half (1/2) hour of the ending time of the event for which the street is closed. Barricades shall also be immediately removed upon request of any authorized officer or employee of the City.


Each application submitted shall be referred by the Police Department to the Fire Department and to any other department that the Police Department deems advisable. These departments shall recommend to the Police Department personnel and equipment requirements and the final action on the application. 
The Police Department shall review each application and determine whether the presence of police officers is required for the safety and welfare of the participants and general public. If the department does determine that police presence is required, the department shall note on the application the personnel and equipment requirements and shall determine the costs associated with providing those services. Such costs shall be paid by the applicant. 


Before the City may grant any permit under these rules and regulations, the applicant shall sign a statement holding the City, its officers and employees, whether elected or appointed, harmless from any and all liability arising from the street closure. Except in the case of street closure for purposes of a residential block party, prior to the issuance of any street closure permit each applicant shall file with the City a certificate of insurance for no less than $1,000,000 combined liability coverage naming the City, its officers and employees, whether elected or appointed, as additional insured. The City may require higher insurance limits if deemed necessary.


An application review fee of $100 shall be charged for events of a commercial nature not sponsored by a local non-profit group. Additional location use charges for use of city property of $100 per parcel per day for sidewalk closures and $200 per parcel per day for road closures shall be levied as determined by the application review plus other city costs. Before the special event permit may be issued, the applicant shall deposit with the City the estimated costs for police service as designated by the Police Department. The cost is $145 per officer per hour.


The City may impose conditions on the permit to ensure that the event complies with these rules and regulations.


Imposition of any condition, or the granting or denial of any permit for a street closure may be appealed by any person to the City Council for review pursuant to these rules and regulations within five (5) days of the day of the granting or denial of a permit.


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