Solicitor's Permit

Any person desiring to peddle or solicit within the City of Burlingame must first obtain a solicitors permit and a business license (Burlingame Municipal Code 6.24.010 - 6.24.090) from the Burlingame Police Department. Fees for a solicitor's permit include:

  • Business License
  • Livescan
  • Background

For current fees, refer to the Burlingame Master Fee Schedule.

Charitable and Non Profit Organizations are exempt from the fees.

Each person issued a permit shall keep it on their person when going door to door conducting any soliciting or peddling in the city, and it shall be displayed to any person upon request. No person shall peddle or solicit at any dwelling where a sign has been prominently posted “No Solicitors”, “No Soliciting”, or similar indication that no solicitation is desired by the occupant of the dwelling.