Residential Parking Permit

The City of Burlingame is committed to preserving livable and attractive neighborhoods and like many other cities, has a parking space shortage in some of its residential areas. This shortage is mainly caused by all-day, on-street parking by employees of neighboring businesses and commuters. To help alleviate this problem, the City of Burlingame is working in conjunction with its residents and business owners to look into the feasibility of a voluntary Residential Permit Parking Program to improve the quality of life of those involved. 

The Residential Permit Parking Program is appropriate in those areas in which residents have difficulty parking near their own residences and where off-street parking is not adequate. Residential Permit Parking Zones would be established in residential neighborhoods adjacent to commercial districts or areas with timed parking zones next to commercial areas. Only neighborhood residents with City issued permits and their visitors may park on these streets for extended periods during restricted parking hours.

Below is the current list of streets eligible for Residential Parking Permits. All residents on a time restricted street are technically eligible; however, if your street is not listed and you live on a time restricted street, you can call the Police non-emergency line at 650-777-4100 and we will confirm if you are in fact eligible and how to get a permit. For current fees, refer to the Burlingame Master Fee Schedule.

  • Bellevue Ave. - 1200 through the 1400 block
  • Burlingame Ave. - 1000 & 1500 block
  • California Dr. - 400 block
  • Capuchino Ave. - 1200 block
  • Chapin Ave. - 1500 & 1600 block 
  • Crescent Ave. - 200 block
  • Cypress Ave. - 1500 block
  • Douglas Ave.- entire street
  • Howard Ave. - 1500 & 1600 block
  • Newlands Ave.- 1500 block 
  • Occidental Ave.- 200 through the 400 block
  • Paloma Ave.- 1100 & 1200 block
  • Park Road- unit block
  • Ralston Ave.- 1500 block
  • Carol Ave. from El Camino Real to Barroilhet Avenue
  • East Carol Ave. from Carol Avenue to Barroilhet Avenue.

If you live in the Residential Parking Permit zone, you can get obtain a permit at the Police Department with the following documents:

  1. Current lease with name and address on it and signed by tenant and landlord, or;
  2. Current utility bill (except water bill) with your name and address on it (unpaid), or;
  3. Notarized letter from landlord with name and address on it, or;
  4. Sublease, with a notarized letter from your landlord stating that you live there and who has moved out, and;
  5. Current car registration; owner's name must be yours or a relative with the same last name.