Entertainment Permit

The City of Burlingame requires anyone having an event with entertainment (as defined in BMC 6.16) possess a permit.

“Entertainment business” means any amusement arcade or any place of business wherein entertainment is offered or given to the public, whether or not a fee is charged for admission thereto, except businesses where only incidental entertainment is offered or given and theaters.

The definition of entertainment means any show, play, skit, musical revue, karaoke, dance production, concert, opera, or the production or provision of sights or sounds or visual or auditory sensations, which are designed to or may divert, entertain, or otherwise appeal to members of the public who are admitted to a place of entertainment, and which is produced by any means, including radio, phonograph, tape recorder, piano, orchestra or band, or any other musical instrument, television, slide or movie projector, spotlights, or interruptible or flashing light devices.

To download an Entertainment Permit Application, click here.

For current fees, refer to the Burlingame Master Fee Schedule.