The Burlingame Police Department is a municipal, full-service, community-oriented department. The Department offers investigative, preventative, and community policing programs designed to protect and serve Burlingame’s residents and visitors. 

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Reserve Unit

The Burlingame Police Department Reserve officer unit is comprised of individuals who are dedicated to serving our community as volunteer reserve police officers. The current unit has 2 reserve officers who are supervised by a police Sergeant. The reserve officers have either completed a regular police academy or an extended training program geared to prepare them for their roles as reserve officers.

The reserve officers, once sworn by the Chief of Police, have to successfully complete a standardized field training program. Once complete, the reserve officers are used to supplement the regular officers both in the field and in other capacities. Reserve officers generally patrol with a regular police officer, but may also be used for special details within the city. They are required to be versed in all the duties that a regular officer is responsible for. The position of reserve police officer is a volunteer position. The reserves are required to work a minimum of 9 hours per month. Most of our reserves donate much more time than that on a regular basis. They are also expected to attend a monthly reserve unit meeting and qualify quarterly with their issued firearms. They receive the same training that the regular officers do and are held to the same standard of professionalism.

The reserve unit is a valuable asset to the Burlingame Police Department. You will often see them at events such as art in the park, art on the avenue, and at DUI checkpoints. If you have the desire to become part of the Burlingame Police Department reserve unit, please call (650) 777-4100 and ask for the reserve coordinator.