Conditional Use Permits & Variances

Conditional Use Permit - Conditional Use Permit Application (PDF - 31.9 KB) 

A conditional Use Permit is issued by the Planning Commission for certain proposed uses requiring special review and the construction or use of certain accessory structures.  As part of the permit approval, the Planning Commission may impose conditions with respect to, but not limited to, location, operation, maintenance, or occupation. A conditional use permit applies to a particular use only, may not be transferable with the property, and expires if the use is discontinued.

Variance - Variance Application (PDF - 32.7 KB)

A variance is issued by the Planning Commission for projects such as, but not limited to, those which do not meet code parking, setbacks, or landscape requirements. A variance is awarded by the Planning Commission based on findings related to physical hardships on a property. A variance runs with the land and may be for a specific time.