Housing Resources

Burlingame residents and businesses are concerned about their family members, co-workers and fellow residents who can no longer afford to live in the community.  People are also concerned about local businesses, schools and service providers that are struggling to hire and retain people.

For many years, Burlingame benefited from a range of housing options. For the past several decades approximately half of the housing in Burlingame has been rental and half ownership, accommodating a diverse and complementary range of households and incomes. However, like the rest of San Mateo County, in recent years Burlingame rents and home prices have increased significantly as the demand for housing created by robust job growth in the region has exceeded the amount of housing available. The imbalance has driven up the cost of housing for homebuyers and renters alike, has produced congestion and long commutes for workers, and has compelled friends and family members to move away because they can no longer afford to live here.

As we face this difficult situation that impacts our entire region as well as our city, we also know that our community has innovators and problem solvers. Together, we can make meaningful progress. The resources on this page have been assembled to help identify opportunities to address the housing challenge, ranging from near-term solutions such as homesharing, to longer-term initiatives such as development of new housing for a variety of household types and incomes.

What is "Burlingame Talks Together About Housing"?

What is affordable housing?

What is the Bay Area's affordable housing challenge?

What is being done locally to encourage more affordable housing options?

What are some County resources for those seeking housing assistance?

What other resources (e.g. home-sharing, down-payment assistance, Legal Aid) are available?

What changes were made to California Housing Law in 2017 that affect affordable housing production?