General & Specific Plans

General Plan
The Burlingame General Plan consists of nine elements, seven of which are required by State Law.  Following are links to the General Plan Land Use Map, Preface, Table of Contents and Policy Plan, as well as links to each of the nine elements.

The General Plan is in the process of being updated, together with the Zoning Ordinance. The combined update is known as "Envision Burlingame." A separate website has been established for Envision Burlingame at www.envisionburlingame.org.

Downtown Specific Plan
The Downtown Specific Plan was adopted in 2010. The Executive Summary of the Burlingame Downtown Specific Plan provides an overview of the adopted plan document, the goals of the plan, and a summary of each of the plan's chapters. The adopted Downtown Specific Plan is available for download below.

Bayfront Specific Plan
The Bayfront Specific Plan, adopted in 2004 with, encompasses the Bayfront Area east of US 101. The plan provides guidance for how properties in this area can be developed, including what uses are allowed, the intensity of the uses, and guidelines for how the buildings and amenities should be designed. Primary uses allowed in the Bayfront Area are offices, hotels, restaurants and, in certain areas, commercial recreation and light industrial uses. The plan also encourages a retail node in the Shoreline Area (north of Broadway Interchange along the San Francisco Bay shoreline), and allows for extended stay hotels in the Anza and Anza Point areas (south of the Broadway Interchange). The plan includes design guidelines which are specific to each subarea, but also tied together by some common themes. The plan was amended in 2006 and 2012.

North Burlingame/Rollins Road Specific Plan
The North Burlingame/Rollins Road Specific Plan was adopted in 2004, with amendments in 2007. The plan encompasses the Rollins Road corridor north of Broadway, and the El Camino Real corridor in the northern portion of Burlingame.

Bicycle Transportation Plan
The City of Burlingame has adopted a Bicycle Transportation Plan, adopted in 2004, is a policy document which provides guidance for future bicycle improvements and programs. A subcommittee of the Traffic, Safety and Parking Commission and the Planning Commission worked with City staff to prepare the plan.

The Bicycle Transportation Plan is an amendment to the Circulation Element of the General Plan, and has been certified by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and accepted by Caltrans. With a certified bicycle plan, the City becomes eligible for certain State and Federal funding for bicycle projects.

All information should be confirmed with the Planning Division - Phone (650) 558-7250