City of Burlingame Workplace Readiness Plan and Safety Protocols ('Plan')
These policies, protocols, and guidelines are a part of the Workplace Readiness Plan and will guide the safe operations of the City during shelter-in-place and as we all start to re-enter the workplace. The Plan will be updated as information changes and we move through the various stages of re-opening. 

Link to the complete Workplace Readiness Plan here

Supporting documents to the plan:
- Policies 
*Cal OSHA REPEALED updates to the CPP passed on 6/3/2021. They next meet on June 17th to consider adopting revised regulations.

  1. COVID-19 Prevention Program (CPP) 
  2. Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) Policy UPDATED 3/22/2021
  3. Summary of FFCRA Policy UPDATED 3/22/2021
  4. Public Works Department COVID-19 Exposure Control and Disease Preparedness Plan
  5. Cleaning and Disinfecting Policy
  6. Social Distancing and Individual Responsibility Policy
  7. Temperature and Other COVID-19 Symptom Screening Policy
  8. Administrative Policy and Protocols for the Use and Disclosure of Confidential Medical Information Related to COVID-19
  9. Accommodations Policy for Employees at High-Risk of Severe Illness Should They Test Positive for COVID-19
  10. Negative Leave Accrual Policy
  11. Emergency Telecommuting Policy and Agreement
  12. Employee Vacation Requests During COVID-19 - UPDATED 8-25-2020
  13. COVID-19 Tracking and Reporting Policy
  14. COVID-19 Outbreaks and Major Outbreaks

- Guidelines and Other Documents:

  1. HR Procedures Memo - updated December 1, 2020
  2. Returning to Work Following a Positive COVID Test - UPDATED guidance November 1, 2020
  3. Facility Pre-Shift Health Screening Procedures
  4. Facility Specific Social Distancing Protocol
  5. Guidance for Frontline Managers and Supervisors Implementing COVID-19 Policies and Practices
  6. Guidelines for Employees on COVID-19 Returning to Work
  7. Employee Social Distancing and Workplace Safety Responsibilities – Do’s and Don’ts of Compliance
  8. CMIA Medical Release Form
  9. Notice of Privacy Rights
  10. Temperature Testing and Symptom Screen Form
  11. Repayment of Negative Leave Employee Agreement
  12. Operational Readiness Considerations Matrix and Worksheet

*The required notification is posted in the link for required employee notifications and the leave request forms are posted under the Forms link.

Other relevant policies:
4.27 Catastrophic Leave Policy
4.11 Disaster Service Workers Policy