HR Procedures

HR Procedures Memo for COVID-19
HR Procedures Memo - August 3, 2021

Time coding for COVID-19 testing and vaccination appointments
See HR procedures memo. 1 hour of work time is allowed per vaccination shot or COVID test - additional time needed may qualify as COVID Supplemental Paid Sick Leave (SPSL) benefits. 
Employee Pre-Shift Health Screenings
Parks & Recreation  - effective April 10, 2020
Corp Yard - effective April 13, 2020
City Hall & Library  - effective April 10, 2020
PD - effective April 10, 2020

Workers' Compensation (COVID-19)
Burlingame Workers' Compensation Process (COVID-19)
Company Nurse Poster
Company Nurse Reference Guide
DWC-1 Form
Employee Injury Report
Supervisor Investigation Report
Investigation Questionnaire for Exposed Employee to Complete