June Pride Month


June is Pride Month!

Come and celebrate with us!

Attend and participate in the San Mateo County Pride Celebration
(date for 2022 TBD)!

History of Pride:

The month of June was chosen for LGBTQ+ Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall Riots, which occurred on June 28, 1969. In San Francisco a similar riot had taken place two years before at the Black Cat Tavern, and years before at the Compton Cafeteria (SF), in 1966. Same-Sex intimacy was illegal, there were routine riots in gay bars and arbitrary arrests. It was common for people to lose their jobs if outed.  The community was getting fed up. Rev. Elder Troy Perry, Morris Knight and Bob Humphries founded Christopher Street West in Los Angeles, CA to advocate for gay rights. One of their first events was a march in LA, declared "Christopher Street Liberation Day." It was a march for justice, a political protest. That same day people marched in San Francisco and held a 'gay in' in Golden Gate Park.

There was no going back, and people worked tirelessly for years to gain equal protections and rights. In 2015 Same-sex marriage was finally recognized   across the United States. Today there is a growing celebration of the LGBTQ+ people who live and work in our communities.

Content provided by Rev Terri Echelbarger, Many Journeys MCC & LGBTQ Commission of San Mateo County

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