Ambassadors for Constructive Engagement (ACE Team)

Welcome to the ACE Team page.  We will use this section of the website until our new employee intranet site is developed.  The ACE Team will be working hard to implement ideas for improved citywide communications.  Feel free to share your thoughts with any member listed below.  You may find their contact information in the employee directory.

City Attorney's Office
Rachel Norwitt

City Manager's Office
Nil Blackburn

Community Development and Planning
Joe McCluskey
Connie Rihm
Joseph Sanfilippo

Lisa Rancatore

Human Resources
Stephanie Pang
Sonya Morrison

Elaine Tai
Geralyn O’Brien
Jason Yap
Jodi Jirsa
Maryam Refahi
Ray DeLara
Sidney Poland

Parks and Recreation
Karen Hager
Nicole Houghton
Neil Brosnan

Police Department
David Perna
Joseph Balaban
Garrett Pene

Public Works
Stephanie Brewer
Abe Kirschenbaum
Kevin Dawdy