RebatesRebate Program Guidelines
High Efficiency Toilets (H.E.T)
Rebates available for High Efficiency Toilet (H.E.T). 

1. Rebates are available for qualified  (H.E.T) High Efficiency Toilet purchased and installed between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. Rebate applications must be postmarked within 90 days of purchase.  Amount of rebate is up to $100.

2. The Program is open to City of Burlingame single family and multifamily residential customers only. 

3. The program offers a maximum three (3) High Efficiency Toilets (H.E.T) per residential dwelling unit. Rebates are subject to available funds. 

4. Rebates are in the form of credit, which will show on the customer’s water bill. 

5. To obtain a toilet rebate, the customer shall present an original unaltered and dated sales receipt for City of Burlingame approval as a proof of purchase. The make and model number of the toilet must be identified on the receipt, along with the customer’s name and address. The customer shall provide proof that the toilet purchased meets the criteria for Ultra High Efficiency Toilet of 1.06 gallons per flush (GPF) or less and meet a minimum MaP threshold of 600 grams.

6. The customer shall complete BAWSCA's application for the H.E.T. toilet rebate program by clicking here.  

7. The customer must consent to a post-installation verification inspection by the City. 

8. The customer must agree to provide the City Water Department with pertinent information for evaluating the rebate program. 

9. New building construction, additions and remodeling of homes, (except for single bathroom) DO NOT qualify for the rebate program. Replacement of an existing Ultra Low Flush Toilet with a new Ultra Low Flush Toilet does not qualify for the rebate program, however replacement with an (H.E.T) High Efficiency Toilet does qualify.