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How is a "Home Occupation" defined?

The Municipal Code states the following in Section 25.08.350:  Click Here for Municipal Code


1. Application is available at the Business License Office, City Hall, 501 Primrose Road, or can be downloaded from our website.

2. Complete the form and submit it (in person or by mail) to Burlingame Business License, City Hall. If you do not own the home in which the home occupation is to be located, be sure the property owner or hisor her legal representative has signed the application form in the designated spot acknowledging his or her awareness of your application.

3. A City Planner will determine whether there is conformity with all the necessary conditions and municipal codes. The Business License Office will notify the applicant of the approval of the home occupation permit request and include a business license application. The applicant may pay the required business license fee either by mail or in person. In the event the permit request is denied, Burlingame Planning will notify the applicant.

4. If a City Planner denies the home occupation request, the applicant may appeal the Planner's decision to the Planning Commission. Appeal must be made within seven (7) days of the City Planner's decision. The Planner shall treat the appeal as a project application and notice accordingly. As soon as full city staff comment has been received and the required public notice period has lapsed the application will be placed on the Planning Commission's agenda for public hearing and action. Public hearing notice requires 10 days. Prohibited home occupations are not appealable.

5. Any decision of the planning Commission may be appealed to the City Council. Appeal may be initiated by the applicant, any citizen or by the City Council. A request for appeal must be received before the end of the next City Council meeting. Appeal hearings are generally held three weeks after Planning Commission action.

Prohibited Home Occupations

The Burlingame Municipal Code prohibits some occupations in all residential districts (Code Sec. 25.68.020). Application for these businesses in the residential districts cannot be accepted.

Some occupations are prohibited from operating in a residential zone.

Prohibited occupations include contractor's office where employees report or assemble as a part of the job for other than administrative or bookkeeping purposes; barbershop, beauty salon or massage studio; automobile repairing or painting; landscape contractor; clinic, hospital, kennel or other boarding of pets; legal, medical, and dental offices. Permitted with specific limitations are offices for single proprietorship accountants, attorneys, insurance and real estate agents.

If you have any questions regarding Home Occupations, please contact Planning.

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