Strategic Plan

The City of Burlingame recognizes the importance of having a vibrant and successful business community and how economic development ties in with the improvement of the quality of life. Economic growth is driven by a strong and positive partnership between the City and the business community. The Economic Development Specialist works directly with businesses as their conduit with city government and proactively seeks resources and networks that help local businesses thrive.

As part of the City’s goals to enhance the economic conditions of the community, the Community-Economic Development Strategic Plan serves as a blueprint for policy consideration and potential initiatives. Economic Development strives to provide the following community values:

  • Vibrant downtown areas that attracts residents and visitors alike
  • Supporting a prosperous business community that contains a mix of different kinds of businesses that express the community’s character
  • Honoring Burlingame’s heritage as the community expands and includes new values
  • Retaining and expanding educational and cultural opportunities for members of the community

Burlingame’s economic development principles focus on:

RETENTION Supporting and aiding established businesses to compete and thrive. 
EXPANSION   Aiding established business in seeking potential new sites or expansion into available spaces connected to their buildings
RECRUITMENT Proactively connect with potential industries to attract new developers, businesses, and economic opportunities.
Attracting and retaining talent that contributes to the growth and vibrancy of the community.
 Vital to maintaining a safe and healthy environment that helps retain and attract businesses, workers, and residents.

To view the Community-Economic Development Strategic Plan, click here.